10 best ESFJ Anime characters

The world of anime is full of colorful characters with unique personalities and different abilities, but it’s not a challenge to find the best character for this genre. Here are some of them that most people may recognize, but which are considered the strongest ones by me. The 10 best ESFJ anime characters are mentioned below. 

When it comes to anime Naruto is the only one that comes into the mind to everyone. So we have collected some awesome epic naruto gif for you. Download it if you like it.


Xinjun is based on Xinjun Yu, one of my favorite characters from other series like Naruto’s Naruto Uzumaki Naruto Naruto X-Force, and many more, which I will discuss further in detail later in this article. 

At first sight, he may look like any ordinary teenager, but I prefer him as an adult version of Xinjun because he has superpowers. He can turn into an ice dragon or be invisible and have super strength and power. 

Two main features will make you remember him. First, when his face turns green, there will always be that light-green glow when he turns into an ice dragon. Secondly, when we talk about action and battles, he can fight just about anyone at once, so you can even fight against yourself or with your friends. And thirdly, if you wanted, you could even defeat someone with only a single punch. 

But you can never kill Xinjun so the chance of killing him may be very low. So Xinjun is a strong character for those who love fighting. 

Another important thing is that although he is not an easy character to get along with, he still has that sweet side and you can like him. Also if you want to change him to become another type of people, such as a human or wizard, you can do it. In short, he is certainly a great character for those who are looking for good adults to grow up to become and share their dreams.


Mimikashi is another famous character from Naruto he is the daughter of Naruto Uzuma, but he doesn’t know it. Then he meets Tomura Kagome, the protagonist of the TV show Naruto the Movie Naruto Uzuma: Shadows Stone (I consider myself lucky to meet her). However, before she starts working in Sakura Art High School, he gets injured by Sunblast and ends up working at Nakuwa Shrine as an assistant teacher. 

Because of that, he meets various kids from school like Naruto Uzuma and Sasuke Uchiha, and they work alongside each other to protect the temple and protect the shrine, which eventually led to some issues. One day, while going to take care of a kid, he accidentally shoots another kid and the parents found out. 

Mimikashi then goes back to Naruto Uzuma, and when asked how did you know him, he replies that he met him before because he was called Ninguri (Ningui), which means “Ninguri” in Japanese, so you can see why he is so popular. Now here is our little secret for you. To make Naruto’s death look like something good, he becomes a handsome guy who always wears black clothes and plays video games. 

This boy is just cute and charming in all the right ways so you might want to watch this anime if you are struggling to decide between mimikashi and zorunner. But if you want to watch him as a hero, you can choose his story. You can watch him becoming stronger and wiser over time which shows he grows a lot within the story. It’s not just like what happened to Naruto, he also grows together with everyone else, and the story is about Naruto and how he learns to survive and thrive, and I hope you can love watching him in the same way too. His transformation from a beautiful boy to a beautiful man is truly unforgettable and one of my favorites.

Mitsuo Hataoka: 

Mitsuo Hataoka is the girl with all eyes and all muscles that comes from Naruto Uzuma himself. She is the half-sister of his cousin Ken Uzawa. Mitsuo is a bright student, which makes it easier for her to become admired by all the boys at school. 

Mitsuo’s childhood story is heartwarming and you can easily learn everything about this character just by reading my previous article. But since she possesses the superpowers that Naruto Uzuma has, her powers include turning into a cat on command, telekingnig, and invisibility. Yes, she has a special ability that allows her to turn into cats on command, making it easy to read any situation. 

That’s basically what makes her extremely powerful, making her a key part of any team that she is a part of. Her strength becomes her downfall sometimes. When Mitsuo had to defend herself against a bully during class, she lost control and turned into a cat. 

Or in the movie version made by Akira Toriyama, she had to use magic and turn into a woman on command, showing that no matter how much you were successful in life, nothing in life would be worth living if you cannot control your powers. On the plus side, she is also one of my personal favorites, has a great personality, and even though she is not as strong as Naruto, she still manages to keep me interested and keep reminding me that I should still listen to Naruto Uzuma and listen to whatever advice he tells me. Just be careful, if you have Mitsuo, expect surprises.


Kenku is kind of a magical fairy godmother. I guess that the prince had taken interest in her after finding one of her eggs on the ground. Since he didn’t know it existed until now, he couldn’t tell anyone about it, even the villagers who were close to Kenku’s father. Even though it took a long time to find her body and find Kenku, the prince decided to help her find her real mother. 

After spending time in the village, they finally reached the home to find Kenku, but Kenku was nowhere to be found. They looked everywhere and searched for Kenku. They saw Kenku’s spirit searching for her in the water, but they could not locate any of her children. They went through every place and no one returned with her body. 

Once they discovered that Kenku doesn’t exist, they immediately thought of another name for Kenku and started calling them “Nuemiya” meaning “the lady” in Japanese. We can say that Kenku isn’t too strong but she still has her charm and nice sides and she is also an adorable princess who knows exactly what she wants. 

If you’re thinking about giving Kenku as a pet, definitely check out this episode I’m talking about and you’ll fall for her. Not only that, but Kenku is also an amazing character, she is energetic, smart, intelligent, and pretty funny, so you can expect a lot from Kenku.


Kanebo is another popular fictional character and ninja, but I’d rather call it a warrior and a katana fighter. He was born to a noble family and then grew up under the influence of his grandfather, and even though he was raised in poverty and lived with his grandfather for several years, his courage and power never ended. 

Now that he lives in Tokyo, he has the potential to be a skilled and well-known master of war and katana, making him able to go beyond expectations and perform at top quality. Unfortunately, he has been betrayed by a young girl who happens to be his twin sister, and so then ends up growing up in seclusion like a ghost. 

From then on, he became a demon and even though he is trapped in hell, he refuses to leave. All that being said, he is incredibly resilient, he never gives up, and he never forgets what he has to do. A warrior and katana fighter who stands for justice and peace, I highly recommend you check out this anime from the beginning, you will fall in love with that handsome guy, and then you’ll fall in love with him as soon as the end comes.


Aiden is one of my favorite characters from Naruto and he is the son of Naruto Uzuma. He doesn’t know it yet, but he became the son of a giant ogre and suddenly he finds out that he became the son of a goblin! 

That being said, Aiden is the complete opposite of any typical teenage boy who looks like a typical boy in high school who is a bit weird, but who also is very brave and brave and intelligent. He is very strong, agile, and a brilliant writer, and he can write some awesome poetry with ease. 

What more do you need? Well, Aiden’s father was obsessed with his son and used his force and energy to destroy Aiden until he died. While Aiden is unconscious, he discovers that he is a monster, but does not care for his father’s legacy. 

Still, Aiden does not give up on his dreams, and he continues to use his powers to protect the village, but that’s all enough for Aiden to become a threat to others, so I’m guessing that Aiden is already extremely dangerous, especially if you don’t know anything about him. And even though his powers are evil, he is very innocent and loves Naruto Uzuma, so if you’re looking for a cool character, let’s talk.


Owen is the malevolent twin brother of Kanji Owen. Though they both come from the same family and share some DNA, Owen is a bit more cruel, cunning, and arrogant than Kanji. For example, Kanji was killed by Kanji’s brothers with a poisonous plant, but Kanji somehow managed to escape without being harmed. 

Kanji also was responsible for the theft of Kunagi Kami’s heart, so Owen could gain power and become more powerful than he originally intended to be. Both of them suffer from mental disorders. 


Ren is a female anime character who features a pink outfit. She has long pink hair with a beautiful pink ribbon on it. She features pretty pale blue eyes. She wears white socks with brown briefs. She is quite calm from the outside but inside she is quite violent

Mami Tomoe: 

Mami Tomoe is one of the top leading ESFJ anime characters. She is a beautifully talented and educated girl who is more concerned about others’ feelings than she does for herself. She portrays herself to be very strong but after the death of her parents she loose strength. Because of this incident, she becomes a frightened and sensitive woman. 

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