15 Digital Marketing Trends You Must Know

Digital marketing has many benefits for businesses. It provides them with visibility, traction, and new clients, among many other things. Digital marketing also helps build brand image and retain the existing clientele. However, you can utilize digital marketing to its fullest only when you stay on top of trends. The key to staying relevant in the digital marketing world is religiously following the trends. If you also plan to market your brand digitally and its products/services, here are the 15 trends you should know about:

Top 15 digital marketing trends of 2022

1. Email marketing is picking up pace

Gone are times when digital marketing was only associated with social media marketing. Today, digital marketing is all-encompassing. Email marketing is picking up pace steadily. It has become significant to put your best foot forward in all spheres. Email marketing entails:

  •       Personal touch: If you want to make your clients feel heard and seen, personalization is the key. You will have to get rid of generic forwarded messages.
  •       Video content: Incorporating videos in your emails is a good way of gaining attention. Moreover, videos work wonders in the SEO department. Therefore, including video content in your email campaign is a must.
  •       Well-drafted mail: Ensure that the mail you send makes sense. It should not contain grammatical errors, formatting mistakes, etc. A well-drafted email reflects your professionalism.

2.  Videos are the new ‘it’ thing

Video content has been in demand for the longest time. One cannot run a successful marketing campaign in 2022 without incorporating video content. All the social media giants like Instagram, Facebook, and Google are promoting the use of videos. If you still have not hopped on the bandwagon, it is time for you to indulge in some video making online. Nowadays, creating videos is a hassle-free task. One needs a decent smartphone and a good video editing tool.

3. People care about privacy

There has been constant chatter about privacy concerns in 2021-2022. Users are continuously striving to protect their data. As a result, various big and small businesses have had to alter their privacy policies. Therefore, if you are an online business, you will have to keep your users well-informed regarding your privacy policies, update the policies, cookies, etc.

4. Short videos perform well

While all types of video content have great potential, shorter videos tend to perform better. A video with a 15 to 60 seconds duration generally performs better than longer videos. In this fast-paced world, viewers prefer short-duration videos. It is for this reason YouTube has rolled out ‘Shorts’. When you indulge in video making online, ensure to chop off the unnecessary parts to keep the video short and crisp.  

5. Everything is algorithm-driven:

Algorithms sort through data and prioritize the worthwhile content. Therefore, understanding the algorithm is a big factor in gaining visibility. Special stress is laid on creating and posting videos because they get more traction than the other types of content on almost every major social networking site. Therefore, businesses must make an effort to understand the algorithm and alter their content accordingly.

6. Remote work is the new normal: 

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of shifts globally. Organizations have shifted their focus from having employees in the office to productivity. Enterprises have started allowing their employees to work from home, given that they produce the desired results. Therefore, if you do not have enough funds to rent a working space for employees, hiring remote workers is a great and feasible option.

7. SEO is as essential as ever

A few things are bound to stay relevant, and SEO is one such thing. Adding elements like trending hashtags, relevant keywords, clickable links, videos, and more can help you perform better in the SEO department. Search Engine Optimization boosts visibility and sales.

8. Unique content is the king:

There has been a steady increase in online businesses over the past few years. Therefore, it is significant for an enterprise to have a USP to beat the competition. Therefore, creating and posting unique content is the need of the hour.

9. Omnichannel marketing is a necessity:

Sticking to one mode of marketing is ineffective. Instead, businesses must endeavor to be readily available to their clients via phone, email, website, and social media.

10. Incremented page speed is a requirement:

There is nothing that bugs users more than a slow loading page. Quite often, people even quit the page. Therefore, it is pertinent to ensure that your landing page loads quickly. Even though it is advisable to include high-quality pictures and videos, reducing the image size can aid you greatly in increasing the page speed.  

11. Interactive content is the need of the hour:

AR and VR have revolutionized the way we experience things online. They aim to provide a life-like experience to the viewers. However, some products and services are best presented through artificial and virtual reality.

12. Gamification is getting the limelight:

Gamers comprise a significant section of the youth. Since gaming is fun and engaging, including gaming elements into one’s digital marketing strategy can help a business attract more and more new clients. Even though this might seem like a difficult task, one can achieve it simply by using video editing tools. Therefore, choosing the right video editor for adding gamification effects to video or website content is of utmost significance.

13. Mobile-friendly content is gaining impetus:

Mobile users consume the most amount of video content. Mobile users also comprise a large chunk of online shoppers. Therefore, creating mobile-friendly content is integral to digital marketing. Optimizing your blogs and websites to be easily accessible through phones is also significant for attracting mobile users.

14. Online reviews are getting attention:

Nowadays, consumers are well-informed and aware. They go through reviews diligently. Therefore, businesses should not neglect online reviews and consider them when working on products and services. Posting testimonial videos on your website’s landing page will help you gain new customers. Always encourage your existing clientele to send you short clips praising your brand if they genuinely like it.

15. Influencer marketing boosts conversions:

People look up to some influencers and strive to have a lifestyle like theirs. So when you hire these influencers to promote your brand, it will positively impact your sales.


Keeping up with the digital marketing trends while endorsing your brand and its products/services will boost your sales and increase your conversion rates. Some of them are creating unique content, video content, well-drafted emails, and improving page speed. Therefore, keeping a tab on trends is essential to creating an effective digital marketing strategy.

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