Best 3 Point Slinger for Camera Top our Pick For Beginners

If you are looking for the best 3 Point Slinger for Camera, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 3 Point Slingshots in 2022 and their corresponding features.

What to Look For in a 3-Point Slinger for Camera

Looking for the best 3-point slinger for your camera? Here are some key points to consider:

1. Size and Weight

The size and weight of the slinger should be comfortable to wear and easy to carry. Make sure that the weight is distributed evenly throughout the sling so that you don’t experience any discomfort or fatigue while using it.

2. Adjustability

A good 3-point slinger should have adjustable straps so that you can adjust it to fit different body types and sizes. This will ensure that you get a comfortable and optimal fit.

3. Material and Construction

Make sure that the material and construction of the slinger are durable and resistant to damage. Look for a slinger with a high-quality construction that will last for many years.

4. Design and Functionality

Choose a 3-point slinger with a design that is functional and easy to use. It should have buttons or switches that allow you to easily adjust the height, angle, and tension of the sling.

How You Attach It to Your Camera

There are a few different types of 3 point slinger for camera available on the market, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the most common types is the magnetic point slinger. This type of slinger attaches to the camera with a magnet. They’re relatively easy to set up and use, and they’re generally considered to be the best option overall.

Another type of point slinger is the suction cup point slinger. These 3 point slinger for camera use a suction cup to attach to the camera. They’re generally considered to be more reliable than magnetic point slingers, but they can be easier to lose or misplace.

The final type of point slinger is the hand-held point slinger. These slingers are typically smaller and easier to carry than the other two types. However, they tend to be less reliable than the other two options.

The Level of Comfort

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting the best point sling for photography. One important factor is how comfortable the sling is to use.

Some slings are made from soft materials that are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. They also feature adjustable straps that ensure a secure fit. These slings are perfect for photographers who want to be able to work for long periods of time without any discomfort.

Other slings are made from harder materials that are more durable. They can hold up better to stress and fatigue caused by carrying a heavy camera load. These slings are perfect for photographers who need an extra layer of protection for their equipment.

1. BlackRapid Drift

You can now carry two cameras per side on the USA GEAR Shooting Strap. BlackRapid also offers dual camera rigs that stay put while you move.

The advantage of this over the USA GEAR solution is that it feels less like a harness. It also means you can still carry your camera bag over the other shoulder, without compromising increased functionality. The Hybrid is basically the same equipment as the BlackRapid Original reviewed above. On some shoots, you could even leave your traditional camera bag at home. You can put the DSLR camera on one sling and a spare lens on the other.

2. Cotton Carrier Skout G2

The Cotton Carrier Skout uses a different approach to the 3 point slinger for camera. It doesn’t let the camera hang at your hips, but rather clips it on a padded chest piece.

This chest piece mounts onto your camera with a base plate, which is secured with a hexagonal bolt to the tripod thread. Remove the camera by simply twisting and sliding it off the chest piece and take a shot. There is also a security strap that prevents the lens of your camera from being dislodged.

There are a number of neat touches to the Cotton Carrier system. They sell all manner of fixings, so you can use the same harness to carry your drone or binoculars. There is a lens pouch. The base plate has a tripod thread. They even sell a quick-release tripod mount for their base plate. But they also make other carrying options. Using the same base plate, you can attach your camera to a waist sling. It’s an ingenious, but not cheap, solution.

 3. BlackRapid Original – Incredibly popular

The BlackRapid Original 3 point slinger for camera is more than twice the price of any cross-shoulder strap we’ve looked at so far. There’s nothing obvious to justify that additional price. Some users report that BlackRapid contributed to the repair cost when a harness failed and damaged their DSLR.

When buying a quality travel tripod, you’re also going to own a dependable and long-lasting brand. However, you will not be able to use the tripod unless its screw-in eyelet is removed. This downside should be balanced out by the benefits of knowing that a popular brand is on your side.

4. JJC NS-PRO1M – Our Top Pick

Of all the features of this camera, one stands out. It has things most people expect in a camera: it is locked with a carabiner and has an underarm strap. A padded strap also connects to the shoulder of the slinger, making it more durable and comfortable in carrying weight.

The notable addition is that the wrist straps attach with a quick-release tripod plate. If you own an Arca Swiss compatible tripod, then this is an important consideration. But don’t be too upset because it attaches to your wrist strap with a snap hook, not a locking carabiner like most Arca Swiss plates do.

5. Foto & Tech

The FotoTech 3 point slinger for camera offers no surprises. It is strong enough for your camera with a claimed rating of 660 lbs (300 kg). The safety strap connects with a lockable carabiner that attaches to the strap, which is reassuring.

On the downside, the camera attachment is a simple, screw-in eyelet. So the tripod can only be used with it removed. And the strap connects to it with a snap hook. There is no pocket for carrying coins or keys, but there’s a clip for a pen. Overall, this detachable camera accessory doesn’t quite get it done.


The 3-point slinger camera has already been somewhat mundane and lackluster. But USA GEAR® TrueSHOT™ is a comfortable, convenient sling that’s colorfully customizable and well-suited for photographers. It features a fixing plate for tripod threads, an underarm strap for stability, a lockable carabiner to secure the sling, and a separate pocket for memory cards.

I only have a few supposed shortcomings with this product: there is no quick release for the safety strap, and it sometimes pairs disparate stories together. On the plus side, it can carry two SLRs – or maybe one will be your spare.

7. Altura

The Altura 3 point slinger for camera is another product that has a zipped pocket right on the shoulder pad. It’s not bulky. But it can fit extra batteries.

The camera plate on the tripod foot is not a locking carabiner, which is an issue for this model. The range of motion on this foot is great as it has substantial rubber padding.

8. Waka

The Waka is now narrower, with a smaller and deeper storage pocket, which is great for storing a small cloth or memory cards. The camera plate that connects the adjustable shoulder and waist straps to the camera lens has been improved.

The Waka’s tripod mount screws into the tripod. Although it has its own tripod socket, there is no need to take off the sling or its mount because of the Waka’s quick release plate. As long as your quick release plate is on, you can keep using it and even still use a security strap. The only downside to this is that its carabiner clip isn’t a locking carabiner.


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