3 Signs You’re a Procrastinator at School

The key difference between college and high school is that some professors are more lenient than others when it comes to deadlines. This can lead people to procrastinate on assignments, turning them in at the last possible second and hoping for the best. 

Many students don’t realize how serious of a problem procrastinating can be until they find themselves in a bind because of it – getting calls from an angry professor and failing grades are just two examples of what may happen if you put off your work for too long.

Are You A Procrastinator?

Being truthful with yourself about whether or not you are a procrastinator by nature is critical.

If you’re a naturally lazy person, you might have a hard time sticking to deadlines.

On the other hand, if you procrastinate when it comes to most of your assignments and projects, but are generally responsible and dependable with other deadlines or jobs, then you might be a procrastinator by accident.

If you procrastinate in high school, it can cause real problems even getting into college. Websites like Campusreel.org can help you determine which colleges will accept you, but surely it would be better if you knew you had put yourself in the best position possible to get into college in the first place? 

Here are a few signs you might be a procrastinator (and how to fix them).

Lack of Planning

There are many reasons that someone will fail to plan ahead. In some cases, it’s a lack of motivation.

In other cases, it could be turned around to show that the student has no interest in academics whatsoever, but there are students who are procrastinators in college because they lack the ability to plan ahead. 

Procrastination is about putting off work until the last minute or until someone else does it for you (or after your deadline has passed). If you’re not doing that, then you’re not procrastinating – it’s as simple as that.

Not Working on Assignments Due Soon Enough

The good thing with deadlines is that it gives you a final time, but the bad thing is you may not realize how long it will take you to complete your assignment.

Even if you do, it’s still possible that you may not work on your assignment until the very last minute.  

A college student needs to be able to work well with deadlines, and if this is the case for you, then you probably have a bit of a proclivity toward procrastination.

Failing to Follow Through on Assignments

Being a procrastinator in college is not just about failing to turn in assignments on time – it’s also about not following through with them once they’re turned in.

This takes a lot of different forms, but the bottom line is that you should put in your best effort with all assignments.

When you don’t follow through, it’s not just that you’re putting off assignments – it’s that you’re failing to try your best or doing a sloppy job.

This can lead to big problems with teachers and other students.

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