5 Things Every Kid’s Room Needs To Have

Whether you have a dedicated playroom for your children, or their bedroom is their play space, there are some must-have items you need to cut down the clutter and keep them quiet. Here are five things you need in your kid’s room to keep it tidy and keep them entertained.

Personalize Their Space

You need your kids to take some ownership of the room and understand it is their space and their duty to look after it. This can be a great first step toward teaching kids about responsibility.

Think about adding pictures or decorations on the wall with their name. This can be handy if you have a couple of kids sharing the same play space. You can designate areas for each child, and they have a responsibility to keep that area organized. A little healthy competition could help keep the clutter under control.

Bean Bag Chairs

These are the perfect pieces of furniture for a kid’s room. No hard edges or sharp corners, bean bags are soft and fluffy.

They’re easy to store too when you need them out of the way, or it is time to vacuum. Look for cheap bean bags for a cost-effective addition to the kid’s room. They’re great for gaming or relaxing in front of the TV so your kids will thank you if they remember their manners.

Wall Mount TVs And Video Game Systems

The TV and video game system are two of the most expensive and delicate things in your child’s playroom or bedroom. If one of these were to break or get damaged, your child will be very upset, and your checking account will be a little lighter.

Wall mounting these things and tidying up the wires to prevent trips and falls, helps protect your financial investment and your child. Keep them above head height to reduce the chance of a child taking a knock on the head if they are running around the room.

Smart Storage

Toys, books, games, the clutter in a kid’s room is endless, whether it’s their bedroom or a playroom. If it is their bedroom, it’s even worse; you need to fit in all their clothes and bedding too.

You need some smart storage solutions to help you and the children keep the room organized. Under-bed storage is a great idea for a bedroom, but for playrooms, avoid toy chests. They look good and make sense on paper, but in practice, they take up too much room for the amount of storage they offer.

Add Plenty Of Color

No matter how old your child is, they need color and texture to help stimulate their mind. This can help inspire their art or writing, or just help them to enjoy their play space more.

Use bold shades and consider painting a whole wall one fun and bright color. Stencil shapes in contrasting colors can help bring a playroom to life. Get them involved in the decor decisions too.

Choose one or two or all of these ideas to make your kid’s room fun but organized. If you keep them busy and entertained, you will have more time in your day to get everything else done.


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