7 Ideas to Make Hiking Fun with Friends

Hiking provides gorgeous scenery, soothing vibes, and an opportunity to get some exercise for many people, but we’ve all had pals who shudder at being forced to march through the woods.

However, spending time outdoors is one of the safer ways to socialize these days. It may be time to persuade your friends to reconsider. Whether they enjoy scavenger hunts, trying new foods, or honing their photography abilities, here are some suggestions for turning a day trek into an unforgettable excursion.

1. Try a treasure hunt, geocache-style

A scavenger hunt is an excellent excuse to trek through nature. There are millions of geocaches worldwide, so there’s a strong possibility you’ll find several near your hiking destination.

To play with your friends, have someone download the app to see a map of nearby geocaches, then divide into teams to make things more competitive, or join together to find one close. Geocaches come in various shapes and sizes, but they’re usually made of plastic, metal, or wood to withstand all types of weather, and they can be disguised as anything from a mint case to a birdhouse to a flashlight

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2. Staying In Caravan

Unlike touring caravans, the static variety spends most of its life in a holiday park. You might also hear these caravans referred to as ‘holiday homes,’ ‘mobile homes,’ ‘park homes’ and ‘holiday lodges’. Static caravans are much more affordable than traditional brick and mortar homes, but tend to boast many of the comforts you expect at home.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a caravan that you can tow, the touring variety is the obvious choice. If, however, you’re interested in finding a holiday home that has a fixed location and all the luxuries of modern life, you may want to choose a static caravan. you can also buy or sell my static caravan for your loved ones.

3. Include an outdoor dining stop in your itinerary

Sure, you could bring a sack of sandwiches with you on your hike, but what’s a cold cut compared to a nice meal after a long day of hiking? An outdoor dining pitstop can provide the essential impetus to start or finish a long journey for your foodie friends who have to try the salad at every restaurant.

4. Coordinate clothes with your crew

Stepping out in a synchronized style with your fashionista friend or that pal who is hashtagging their way through life might make hiking more fun, not to mention the making of some fantastic group photos. Tell everyone to wear the same color, their favorite fall flannel, or go all out with an ’80s-themed costume. Your masks can even match the mood.

Whatever outfit you choose, make sure to dress for the weather and the length of your trip. A moisture-wicking base layer, a long-sleeved shirt for added warmth, blister-free socks, and a rain jacket are all innovative options to have on hand.

5. Play a game to keep up the pace

Even for the most avid hikers, hours of hiking can become dull, so incorporating some group activities can keep everyone entertained. Many traditional road-trip and party games can enjoy on the trail, such as 20 Questions, I Spy, and Would You Rather.

Alternatively, play a game called Nature’s Playlist with your music-loving buddies. The rules are straightforward: Write down the first song that comes to mind whenever you stop to rest or take in the scenery. You’ll have a list of songs that will remind you of being in nature by the time you get in the car to go home and the day’s recollections.

6. Listen to An Audiobook or Podcast

While hiking, listening to podcasts is also a fantastic way to pass the time; some interactive podcasts with friends can make you feel like you’re a part of the conversation and offer you some company. There is almost certainly a podcast that you or your friends will love listening to, regardless of your hobbies.

7. Have A Swim

Do you frequently pass by a lake or a river on your hikes with your friends? Why not bring your swimming gear on your next hike and go for a swim? It’s a terrific way to cool off while hiking, and it provides good muscle relaxation after all that walking.

Hiking and swimming are join in a ‘swim hiking.’ Rivers and lakes are frequently consider a barrier when hiking, but this is overcome in swim hiking because you can swim across these locations, allowing you and your friends to trek in more directions.


Hiking provides a sense of fulfillment, tranquility, and joy virtually inexplicable to someone who has never experienced it. Sure, you’ll have plenty of photos to share from your hiking trip, but they won’t do justice to the real thing. The best way to share the experience with friends is to trek up the side of that mountain with them and indulge in various activities during the hike to create more fun memories. You’ll create memories that will endure a lifetime between you. Hiking has many social benefits, and this is just one of them.

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