8 Best Christian Gift Ideas for Your Friends and Family Members

Is your friend or family member’s birthday around the corner, and you couldn’t decide yet what to gift them? No worries! Today, we bring you eight thoughtful gift ideas that can profoundly impact their lives. If your friend is religious, they will love these gifts; if they are not, they will help them become closer to the religion and will help them bring peace to their lives.

Here are eight unique gift ideas for your loved ones that can help them make their faith stronger. You can shop all these gift items easily from Holyart religious items.

1- Angels

Angels are a soulful religious item that you can gift your lovely friend or family member. They will love it. There is a lot of beautiful variety available on angels to choose from at Holyart. You can choose from ceramic angels, musical angels, angels on a beige heart, angel statues in various poses, and so on.

2- Religious Bracelets

There is nothing more elegant than a religious bracelet to gift your friend. They can wear it as a religious symbol and fashion icon at the same time. You can pick from a wide variety of beautiful bracelets, including elegant Amen bracelets made of leather, multi-image metal and wood bracelets, pretty hand-made silver bracelets, and graceful Rosary bracelets.

3- Sacred Books

A sacred book like Bible, Gospel, or a lectionary would be a perfect gift for your religious friend. Gift them a soulful item that will make them emotional and thank us later. Bible and Gospel are available with different leather covers and pocket editions. You can also gift them an audiobook of the Bible. This is a totally unique idea.

4- Book Marks and Book Covers

Along with the sacred book, you can present them with a bookmark and a beautiful book cover as an additional gift. This would complete the package and make them happier. It is unnecessary, but we recommend you add a bookmark and a book cover with the sacred book if your budget allows.

5- Paintings, Printings, or illuminated Manuscripts

Religious paintings and illuminated manuscripts could be a perfect choice for your friend. You can easily find a lot of painted and printed spiritual stuff, such as a printed picture of Our Lady of Pompei, a painting of Jesus Christ, a Holy Family woodcut, and many others.

6- Prayer Rings

This is another elegant gift item that your religious friend would definitely love. Prayer rings are available in a wide variety of metals, designs, and colors. You can choose from a printed ring, a metal prayer ring with jewel stones, a wood ring with beads, a gold plated prayer ring, and many more. The good thing about prayer rings is that you don’t need to worry about their size, as most of them are adjustable.

7- Candle Holders

A candle holder is an item that has a special connection with church and prayers. Moreover, the attractive candle holders catch the attention of every religious person. So, yes, you can also gift a beautiful candle holder to your friend. Candle holders of elegant designs are available in wood, brass, aluminum, silver, and golden. Pastel candle holders are also a good choice for presenting someone.

8- Pendants, Crosses, and Necklaces

Is there anyone who does not love to wear pendants and crosses? Absolutely, no one. So, yes, this would be great if you present your friend with a beautiful pendant or a crossed necklace as a gift. There is no doubt that they would not like it. They would surely like to see carvings withthese or magnifying glass. You can choose from a metal cross pendant, wooden cross pendant, tau cross pendants, and ceramic cross pendants.

We hope the mentioned list of religious gift items will help you choose a surprise birthday gift for your spiritual friend or family member. No matter what you present to your friend, if you give them with love, they will definitely appreciate it.

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