9 Clever Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Suitcases

Here we will go over nine clever ways to make the most out of your suitcase.

You are charged for every suitcase checked onto a plane, and the more bags you bring, the higher the chance you fall victim to having a lost bag. But, regardless of the reason, it is safe to say there are many reasons a person may want to utilize every inch of their luggage.

Keep reading to discover the nine best ways to solve luggage space problems.

1) Vacuum Seal Your Clothes

If you’re struggling to fit all your clothing into your suitcase, try using travel space bags.

Travel space bags are storage bags that let you compress the air inside, resulting in flatter clothing, allowing you to fit more inside your suitcase.

Ziploc sells these travel bags; however, you can also vacuum seal your clothes using garbage bags, large food storage bags, a vacuum, or the back of a hair dryer.

2) Roll Your Clothes

Military members, hikers, and other frequent travelers have used the rolling method when packing their clothing for centuries.

Rolling your clothes saves space in your suitcase and leaves your uniforms or outfits wrinkle-free.

To use this method on your clothes, lay them down flat, fold them in half, and roll them tightly.

The tighter you roll your items, the more space you will save.

3) Utilize Unused Space

If there are empty spaces in your suitcase, fill them up.

It’s common to find items like shoes or small jewelry boxes on a packing list, and although these items may be essential for your trip, they waste a ton of valuable space.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about the room these things take up. Instead, utilize that space by putting small items inside your shoes, boxes, or other belongings.

4) Zip Your Bag, Then Add Extras

Instead of sitting on your luggage while you struggle to zip it, try zipping it three-quarters of the way and shoving whatever you can fit inside after.

You may not be able to use this method to put large items like your hair dryer inside your bag, but things like makeup, chargers, and socks could easily be placed inside.

5) Pack Thin Clothing

When you choose the outfits you plan to bring on your trip, consider selecting articles of clothing that are light and made from thin material.

Thin fabrics will not only fold smaller but help you save a few pounds when trying to keep your luggage weight to a minimum.

Try limiting the number of sweaters, jeans, or jackets you are packing. This ensures that you are not taking up space that could be used for your other items. For example, one sweater may take up the same room as three t-shirts.

6) Choose the Right Luggage

Not all suitcases are created with saving space in mind. Some luggage is purposely designed to limit the number of belongings you can fit inside, so you are more inclined to purchase additional baggage.

Consider suitcases that do not have netted walls dividing the inside, are made from fabric instead of plastic, have few inside zipper compartments, and have outer wall compartments for your shoes.

7) Don’t Bring Disposables

Another helpful tip to help you make the most out of your suitcase is not packing disposable items.

Snacks, soaps, and tissues are examples of some disposables that you should avoid packing if possible.

You can save room in your suitcase by purchasing your toiletries when you arrive and snacks as you need them throughout your travel.

8) Bring Travel-Sized Items

You can pack travel-sized versions if you prefer to use your own toiletries or don’t see the point of buying new ones. For example, in the personal care section of your local store, you will find miniature versions of your favorite soaps, deodorants, toothpaste, and other hygiene items. In the same section, you will find empty containers that you can fill with your favorite soaps.

If you choose to repackage your hygiene essentials into small bottles, remember that bringing unlabeled liquids through TSA can be difficult.

9) Wear What You Can

Another great way to make the most of your suitcase is by wearing what you can. Jackets, sweaters, scarves, bulky sneakers, and jeans are all items you may need while away; however, they take up a lot of space in your suitcase.

Consider layering up if you can wear these more oversized items on the plane without compromising your comfort. This tip is beneficial if you are bringing only one pair of jeans, one jacket, or your sneakers are an alternative to sandals.

A bonus of wearing your thicker clothing on the plane is that you can take it off and use it as a pillow.


Trying to make the most out of your suitcase is not a new concept, which is why many tried and true ways exist.

Consider packing travel-sized hygiene products, choosing the right luggage, leaving your disposables behind, packing thin clothing, rolling and clothes, and more.

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