7 Activities Breaking Gender Stereotypes at kidzania dubai

Many people believe that there are certain activities that only a specific gender can enjoy and restrict the other gender from participating. But with time, these restrictions and stereotypes seem to break because of the awareness and the available opportunities. These restrictions are not only for people of older age but also for the kids, which is very concerning.

Kidzania Dubai is one of the platforms and opportunities for kids that break all these stereotypes and provide equal opportunities for all genders. Whether you are a girl or a boy, you will have equal opportunities to enjoy an activity as long as you are not affected by that activity. Breaking these stereotypes is not only important for social growth and development but also for the upbringing of children with a positive mind and thinking.

Dig deeper into this article to extract the type of activities that are helping to break the gender among us color stereotypes at Kidzania Phils.

Top 7 Activities That Destroy Gender Discrimination at Kidzania

Gender barriers have made people expect certain behavior from a specific gender. If you are a boy, you are allowed to do certain tasks and restricted from a few, and the same goes for the girls. Such barriers give birth to certain social issues, and one must think of suppressing these issues before it is too late. At Kidzania Abu Dhabi, kids are treated equally regardless of their gender and are given equal opportunities to participate in activities they feel happy.

Below are some activities that both genders can perform and participate in at Kidzania Dubai.

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1. Fashion boutique

Usually, when we hear the word fashion, the only gender that comes to our mind is the girls or females. But the world of fashion is not only confined to the feminines, but the opposite gender can also participate. Many people book Kidzania Dubai tickets to help their children show their talents in the fashion boutique industry. Here your kids will be able to showcase their skills and talents without any discrimination.

2. Factory experiences

Working in a factory or a place where the use of machinery is mandatory, women are given few opportunities. It is because people think of women as someone delicate and sensitive, but the trends have changed. Nowadays, kids are participating in activities like factory experiences that were once only for the boys.

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3. Police and safety departments

Nowadays, there are a number of activities that are helping kids to learn safety and security tips and tricks regardless of their gender. Children also participate in activities that help them learn the law and learn the ways to implement the law. Whether it is home safety or safety outside the home, every kid must know about it and be familiar with the efficient ways to save someone in danger.

4. Cooking in the kitchen

Cooking is not only for girls, but today boys are also as interested in cooking as girls, and there are suitable platforms for such kids to become experts. Kidzania is helping kids to learn these basic survival skills so that they do not have to rely on any other to feed them. These skills are not only important to learn for survival, but one can take it as a profession for both girls and boys.

5. Space and aviation

Overall the ratio of girls in space and aviation is little compared to the number of boys. To increase the ratio of the girls in this field, Kidzania is encouraging girls in such aviation activities. Such platforms allow kids to learn about airline services as well as discover the space realities through experiments. During these activities, kids will not only learn the difficulties and issues faced by the pilot during the flight but also learn the possible solutions.

6. Repair and replacement

When it comes to dealing with tools and equipment, boys will always be excited and interested, but the girls are also taking much interest in these activities. Your kids will learn the basic maintenance and repair of the connections like pipeline and other things at home. Participation in such activities will make your children independent and not rely on anyone’s help or support, whether a girl or a boy.

7. Wall climbing – Buy Tickets for Kidzania

Wall climbing is one of the activities which only provides opportunities to the boys, and girls are not usually welcomed towards such activities. But at Kidzania Dubai, both the genders can enjoy this adventurous game and witness things they never did before. Most parents are reluctant to allow their kids for such activities due to safety reasons. You can buy tickets for Kidzania Dubai to ensure the safety of your kids while they perform such activities and learn.

Get your kids engaged in activities that excite them!

If a certain activity improves your children’s productivity, you must not stop them from participating just because none of the children from their gender do so. It is time to break the shackles of gender discrimination and help your kids explore and learn regardless of their gender. So, make sure you are providing opportunities for your children to participate in activities that are productive and excite them as well.

Does Dubai have KidZania?

Yes. KidZania Dubai is located on the second floor of The Dubai Mall.

What can kids do in KidZania?

  • NAFFCO Fire Station.
  • Emirates Driving Institute.
  • Tiffany Cookie Making.
  • Make your own Pizza at Pizza Express.
  • Flight Simulator.
  • Kinder Chocolate Factory.
  • Radio broadcasting at Star FM.

When did KidZania Dubai Open?

Kidzania Dubai Official Opening date of Sunday 10 January 2010. And  foundation Date Wednesday 20 January 2010

Who built KidZania?

Founded in 1997 by Xavier Lopez Ancona and a Team of Mexican businessmen, KidZania has 27 locations around the world. with 60 million visitors Kidzania.


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