All you Need to Know Before Choosing a Liquidity Provider

Imagine yourself as a broker who decides to enter the Forex market without wanting to work with LPs. There is no need for outside parties to play this role. For instance, when a broker starts to provide FX exchange services, the order book only contains the bids and asks of users who have registered. That indicates that a brokerage firm offers internal liquidity.

Today, having a reflective order book and liquidity across all resources is imperative. That is simply because the dealers working under the brokerage are requesting more from their particular brokerage platform for trading on different resources. Therefore, multi-resource liquidity is crucial for the fx liquidity.

Diversified Instruments

A deep order book and multi-asset forex liquidity are now prerequisites for a broker liquidity provider.   A liquidity provider should give you access to a complete order book through a trading platform and the FIX protocol, allowing you to view historical tick data for every level of the order book.

Speed And Reliability Of Trade Execution

An adequate liquidity source Time as a priority execution and complete post-trade transparency should be available in FX. The execution system should be thoroughly examined, mainly when new market data is released, and unforeseen situations like SNB occur. Using automated trading software or an app that enables you to compile comprehensive statistics, you ought to be able to assess the deal execution quickly.

Reporting System

To help dealers achieve the requirements for the rank of control, liquidity providers ought to offer them an automated reporting system as well. The forex market liquidity providers must deliver a few crucial reports, such as; processing of transactions automatically, Various trading platforms, including mobile, desktop, and web-based ones, as well as cryptocurrency and foreign exchange options, improved performance Liquidity selection, Security


Regardless of size, a brokerage must obtain the most affordable offer from an LP to maximise earnings and maintain its position in the market. Nevertheless, avoid being duped by the cheapest offerings. Varying LPs have different costs, and the price cannot drop below a set threshold. If your estimate is substantially less than the industry standard, it is undoubtedly an unreal offer.


Your next LP must provide steady and dependable feeds without showing any spikes on the charts. Feeds must display the prices from the underlying instruments and interbank FX markets. It’s crucial that you conveniently compare the costs of those feeds. Any solution must provide access to historical tick data, market data, and order book through the FIX protocol provided by the foreign exchange liquidity providers.

Market Data

Your LP must have signed a licence agreement to redistribute market data. Some of the top liquidity providers also provide the complete package, including market data that is ready for implementation, for their partners.


On the one hand, newbies might still succeed in the Forex market because it is still a rich area for them. However, the industry is crowded with substantial brokerage firms, making it challenging to carve out a niche for yourself. A trustworthy and potent liquidity provider (LP) is necessary when a newer business enters the market.

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