All You Need To Know While Purchasing a Dohar

We all want to build our sweet homes. We want to match its interior to match our vibe; hence we try our best to make sure everything syncs with each other. But we get so busy while looking into big things that we fail to notice the minute things. These minute details can change the whole look of the atmosphere. It can make or break your vibe.

Your bedding plays an essential role in giving your home a final shape. A wrong decision in choosing bed sheets, pillow covers, blankets, and comforters can change the whole look of the entire house as their colour, pattern, texture, design, and look should match your room’s vibe. Hence, one should be very careful while purchasing these kinds of stuff.

Blankets and comforters are important elements to put together your bedding. Now that we are talking about blankets let us talk about that one thing that people often consider as blankets, ‘Dohar’. Though Dohars are very underrated, they are game-changing objects if used correctly. Dohars are popularly known as Razai to the South Asian people.

Two cotton sheets are stitched together to make a Dohar. It is filled with cotton or flannel so that it provides more warmth. Though Dohars are made for summers, they can be used during winters too. It can be considered ideal bedding.

People often consider Dohar and comforter as similar things due to their common features. Both of them are made by stitching two sheets together, but the material inserted between them is different. Dohar and comforters are available in the market in different sizes, along with pillow covers, and bedsheets. But, what makes them different from each other is the space both of them cover respectively. Dohars are much lighter than comforters and doesn’t need much space to store. They are also different look-wise. Dohar gives your bed and room a sleek appeal, whereas comforters provide a cosy vibe.

Now that we have got to know what is Dohar, how it is different from comforters, and how it enhances a room’s vibe, let’s give a look at points we need to keep in mind before purchasing a Dohar.

  • Texture:To make a Dohar look classy and sleek, it is made with the finest yarns, cotton, and silk materials. These also help in making the Dohar comfortable to provide proper warmth.
  • Seasons and Weather:There are various kinds of Dohars available in the market. For hot and humid places like Mumbai, AC Dohar blankets are suggested whereas, for places where the weather is a bit windy and chilly, warm Dohars are suggested.

Hence, no matter what the season or weather is, Dohars can be used anywhere.

  • Maintenance:Though Dohars are very light and easy to clean, some Dohars are heavy too. The instructions on them vary from the light weighed Dohars. Maintaining them can be a task. Hence, before selecting one, make sure you can maintain it.
  • Fulfilling your requirement:Dohars are available in different patterns, and textures that make them look very different from one another. Make sure the one you are choosing matches your vibe and décor.


Dohars due to other features like reversibility, sleek design, and availability in different sizes are being preferred more by people. Due to its lightweight, it is perfect for travellers too.

Hope now you know what kind of Dohar you want.

Zaman Lashari
Zaman Lashari
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