An Overview to the Crypto Exchange Matching Engine


A trading engine, also called a matching engine, is software that lists all open orders in a market. It makes it possible to trade in new ways when orders are sent through each other.

Matching Engine

A crypto exchange matching engine is the software and hardware parts that make up any trading platform or electronic exchange. The main job of the match in the engine is to pair up bids and offers so that trading can be done successfully.

A matching engine is the heart of a digital exchange. It matches bids and offers so that trades can be made. They work by using one or more algorithms that keep track of all open orders in a market and make new trades if two orders can be filled by each other. A matching engine can handle different kinds of orders, like limit orders and market orders, and may have its APIs and a wide range of other features. Electronic trading matching engines do almost all the work in trading these days. The most important part of an exchange is the software that runs it because this is what lets people trade with each other.

What is the Process Through Which the Matching Engine Works?

It is possible to match buy and sell orders using different algorithms. Most businesses use the FIFO algorithm, which puts orders in order of when they are placed. If two orders have the same value but come in at different times, the engine will choose the one that comes in first. To do this, the matching engine is a complicated software that syncs and combines data from several trading pairs simultaneously. Only computer scientists should be able to make a strong matching engine that can handle orders in microseconds.

Key features

The most important parts of the matching engine are:

  • Matching orders and distributing quotes based on how well they work.
  • The time it takes to match orders is 1 microsecond.
  • Up to 2 microseconds to process an order.
  • A throughput of 500,000 orders per second.
  • Allows for high-frequency trading

Advantages of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

1. User-friendly

Centralized exchanges make trading and investing in cryptocurrencies easy and familiar for people just starting. Instead of using crypto wallets, people who use centralised order matching engine exchanges could sign into their accounts, check their account balances, and make transactions through apps and websites.

2. Reliable

Centralized exchanges add an extra layer of security and reliability when it comes to transactions and trading. Centralized exchanges offer more comfort because the transaction takes place on a well-developed, centralized platform.

3. Leverage

One of the other benefits of some CEXs is that you can use borrowed money from the exchange to increase the value of your investments. This is called margin trading. It lets investors make more money but can also make their losses bigger.


Thus, matching engine crypto  used one of the many algorithms for allocating trades, matching bids and offers of the same value, and completing them.

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