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Are you tired of working from your 9 to 5 job? Are you exhausted from constantly going to one place and burning your days in and out with the same routine.?  ( foxnewbrand ) Then you are not alone. Most of us are suffering from this problem. It bored us with our mundane jobs and want some interesting work to do. To upgrade my style, I quit my job and started a small candle-making business.

I am an artistic person by nature and love making small, attractive things. But things are way different now than it was in the old days. To excel in any business you need, marketing and the definition of marketing is changed by the digital tools and techniques. Social media is the evil that everyone has to use to promote their product or service in a trendy way.So I decided to give it a try and thus select some of the social media platforms for promotion and marketing.  Using these social platforms

I started promoting my fox business. In case you might have gone through this process or must have seen the work of others when you are promoting on social media you have to send gifts and make behind-the-scenes videos to attract more customers.

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This job requires constant work and engagement from your followers, but being a shy person, I am not too good with interacting with others, I like creating more than spending on social media promoting it. Thus to get the help I hired employees to increase the engagements on posts and get more promotions and orders.

I thought that now I can be free from this stress and focus more easily on making beautiful candles and exploring new ideas. But as a new businessman, it was a nightmare. Employees were handling it way worse than I ever was and I had to call a meeting.  I have to guide the employees on what my page was about and how to proceed. Since I like to travel a lot for inspiration, it is hard to communicate.

I heard about the TheOneSpy android tracking phone app which helps many entrepreneurs to get their business on track and communicate with their employees easily. So I installed the OgyMogy android spy app in the company-owned device I gave to the employees for usage. It has made my life easier in so many ways:

Storage of all posts:

It made our communication very effective. I made all the pics and videos of my products at my convenient time and forward them to her. She schedules all the posts as per the occasion and sends me for feedback. This makes our work very easy, if I have any suggestions, I can notify her timely and plan many posts if any of us is going on leave. Yes, all the online work for example Facebook and Instagram pose schedule can be seen with the help of the Facebook Spy app and Instagram spy app.

Conversation Record:

We recorded all the orders we received in this app. You can go back and track the sale records, and the conversations that compel the buyer to make a purchase. That format is used for future uses. Keystroke logging keeps the record of all the keypad-related work for the user. Thus all the promotional campaigns content and ideas can be remotely accessed and monitored with the help of the TheOneSpyandroid phone tracking app.

Call Details:

It saved a full call log online with details of the number, call time, and date.It helps if there are any bogus callers,as we can block them from the list and prioritize any potential clients in a list. That list will inform our followers if any offer is launching.

Online Backup:

TheOneSpy is a wonderful android spy app, which especially helps me to be free on my vacations. I do not have to carry everything with me to monitor my business. This app maintains an online portal that you can access from anywhere. This feature helps me a lot in managing my employees when I am away at a conference. I keep track of all the activities on the web portal.

The app is a blessing for an entrepreneur as all the data is saved and can be accessed remotely from anywhere through the given information.


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