Does Your Business Need Custom Animated Videos?

Videos are great marketing tools. We have used videos in advertising since they were made. They also help in giving good impressions to your brand’s customers. Having good quality videos on your website conveys that you invest in your business and care about your customers. Doing this can make your brand very successful. There are many types of videos we can use in advertising. This blog post will talk about five types of animated videos. We will also discuss their usage and how you can make them.

5 Types of Animated Videos and Their Use

1. Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard videos are the most common type of animation videos in brand marketing. According to video experts, we use these videos to describe things like ‘Why does a person face Xyz problem and how can he get rid of it?’. Medicine selling companies can use whiteboard videos to show how their medicine can help people solve an issue.

2. Motion Graphic Videos

Motion graphic videos contain animated text, cartoon characters, and objects. We use these videos to tell a story quickly, unlike 3d video ads that are usually longer. We can use these videos for making online or offline services’ ads rather than a product’s advertisement. For instance, we can make an advertisement for a grammar correction tool and demonstrate it creatively using motion graphic ads.

3. Typography Videos

We use these videos when you need to convey a message with text. But you don’t want to make it look like reading. And that’s why these videos contain text and voice-over. Everything the voice-over artist says appears as text on screens. It also includes background music instead of voice-overs, depending on the video type. For example, you can use typography videos to introduce new software. You need to create a 15 seconds video asking questions like the following. · Frustrated at Typing Slow? · Want to improve your typing speed? · Then try this software. Mobile phone ads also use typography videos to show how much ram, storage, camera pixels, screen size, and other qualities it has.

4. Photo Montage Videos

These videos are the modern form of image slideshows. We present these videos more appealingly and stylishly with background scores and voice-overs, and the image turns around with unique effects. A brand can use these videos for their company’s birthday/anniversaries, their evolution, and similar events.

5. 3D Videos

These videos are when someone wants to create a lengthy video for their business. These videos can include cartoon short films of 10 minutes or something similar. Children’s related businesses can make animated videos for their products. For example, you can show a baby’s food importance by comparing kids who eat that food to kids who don’t. However, you need a professional to draw cartoon characters from your video. It makes 3d video creation expensive since you need to hire a cartoonist.

Where can we get animated videos?

We are living in 2022. It’s not very difficult to get any of these video types easily. However, because of lots of saturation in the market, you would need to find the right resource to do the job for you. You can search for video animators in the freelance marketplace. You will find lots of freelancers providing you with video animation services. We suggest you check the portfolios of anyone you choose to work with. If you like his previous work, then only hire that video animator.

You can also make these videos yourself. Online drag-and-drop tools let you create several video types easily and quickly. You don’t need to have adobe applications’ knowledge. However, what you create might not have good creativity in it. We recommend going for DIY tools if you don’t have the budget for hiring good video animators at the moment. But if you have a medium budget for it, you can contact an excellent and affordable custom video animation company. These companies have a team of expert video animators. Tell them your business idea and other requirements, and they will make your desired videos.

If you have a business that sells products or services, a great way to get more leads is by using promotional videos. Normally it is quite expensive to get these kinds of videos produced, but if you want to try editing them yourself, there is a website called Makewebvideo that lets you make videos for marketing with professional-quality

Final Word

We have learned the importance of animated videos for a business. We have discussed five types of animation videos and their usage. So, if your business fits in any of the above-described categories, make animation videos about it. Not only will it be good for your brand’s reputation, but it will also help you in marketing. The duration of most videos we talked about above is under one minute except for 3d animation videos, as you can make a cartoon story advertisement using it. So, it would make your business more successful if you use the above-discussed video types for your brand’s marketing.

We suggest you make a YouTube channel to upload your videos and embed the same videos on your website. Sounds confusing? Don’t worry. It’s easy. You can also hire a website developer for this purpose. He will charge you a minimal fee to perform this task if you don’t do it yourself. To summarize, you can create animated videos through online tools, but if you find it difficult and time-consuming, you can hire any company that offers affordable video animation services. Custom Display Boxes – The Success of your Business