Are Moving Companies Considered Essential Services?

Are moving services essential or non-essential? According to activity during the recent coronavirus pandemic, moving companies and services are essential! Many moving companies remained in operation while non-essential businesses shut down during lockdowns. The services moving companies provide are essential for logistical success, transferring supplies, and personnel. 

What Are Essential Services?

Essential services refer to the functions and services that are absolutely necessary for the health and safety of communities. Businesses that offer such services are backed by the government, even during pandemics. Without essential services, people may become sick, impoverished, and aggressive, resulting in chaos. Some industries classified as essential include healthcare, food & agriculture, and law enforcement (including public safety and first responders).

Other top industries with essential services include transportation and logistics, energy, water and wastewater, public works, and more. Relocation services can fall into transportation and logistics. Every municipality needs reliable movers to ensure goods and inventories arrive safely, and families relocate without restrictions. Moving companies can also transport medicine, essential personnel, and supplies.

Why Relocation Services Are Essential

Most towns don’t restrict the operations of moving companies because they consider such businesses essential to preserving life and health. Movers also work in different industries and across various distances. Here are two reasons why moving companies are essential:

1.    Moving Dates May Be Fixed

Moving companies and services are essential because the relocation schedules often correlate with fixed dates that aren’t easy to change. Some people move because of a home sale closing, while others must relocate after exhausting their lease. You may also move to a new location because of a new job. Such relocations often require specific dates that can’t be post-postponed. Each state should allow consumers to proceed with their relocation plans.

Services like resorts and casinos are non-essential unless they’re the land’s main economic activity. Moving companies aren’t for entertainment or non-essential use. Households, offices, warehouses, and factories depend on moving companies. Some businesses like retail shops require regular supply, which may come from warehouses miles away. Moving companies ensure products reach their destination on time.

2.    Moving Can Be Unavoidable

Moving companies became even more essential when the pandemic hit. Some families relocated to avoid catching the virus if family members were at extreme risk. Many companies had to install a rapid work-from-home module, which required moving hardware and supplies away from the primary office. Moving can be unavoidable in some situations, whether you’re downsizing or shifting to virtual operations.

You need a moving team to transfer belongings because they’re licensed experts. The movers also provide supplies and handle heavy items. Anyone should have access to the service anytime, which makes moving companies essential. The companies can also respond to emergency requests. If a storm blows your roof, you can hire moving companies to hold your items temporarily in a storage warehouse.

Are All Moving Companies Essential?

Moving companies have evolved from traditional franchises to Uber-type, driver-owned trucks. All types of moving companies are seen as essential because they serve the same primary objective. Small offices and light relocations don’t require large trucks with cooling units, so some companies specialize in such logistics. Others retain the traditional model, which involves fleets of full-service trucks and storage containers.

Nearly all moving companies remained open during the pandemic when non-essential businesses were forced to close. Most states consider moving companies essential because the need to relocate isn’t motivated by leisure, entertainment, or other non-essential factors. Whether you move due to an ended lease, foreclosure, new home closing, emergency renovations, or new job positions, you’ll have access to reputable moving companies in all situations.

Finding Trustworthy Moving Services

Moving companies are essential services, but you must find a reliable brand with years of experience and a clean track record. Stick to credible, licensed movers with insurance and service quality guarantees. Hiring companies known for offering the best moving services should be your objective. Some brands have more than 50 years, so looking them up is much easier. Review each company carefully to find one with a growing reputation.


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