Avoid Any Health Issues With The Help Of Astrology

Prabhu has prevented several health issues in the past with the help of astrology. He believes that astrological predictions are pretty accurate when it comes to medicine. These predictions have helped his whole family to stay fit. He always follows these astrological predictions to know whether he will encounter any deadly disease in the future.

With few exceptions, all living things are susceptible to health and medical problems. But there is a saying: Prevention is a better option than cure. Medical astrology helps a lot in this regard. But health astrology also helps identify health problems in one’s life. How Can Health Forecasting Help Health Problems? 

Can astrology really predict health issues in a person’s life? Yes, astrology can help predict health and health problems. The most important thing here is astrological health checks. It predicts medical problems before they occur. When there are health problems, both medicines and doctors work. So the importance of astrology for health problems is found here.

Predict any future health issues with the help of medical astrology

Knowing about health and medical problems by date of birth is a tentative indicator. Timely warnings about health problems are received through Kundli. It makes life more enjoyable. Now you can take warnings in advance instead of running to doctors. Go to hospitals in case of such problems. Now is the time to find out how health astrology deals with health-related issues.

Astrology is a science, and a horoscope is a tool used to predict both health and disease. These twelve houses cover all aspects of the kundli of human life. This also includes health. The twelve houses in this health horoscope are part of the Kalpurush Kundli.

 In these twelve, the first house represents the spirit, personality, and human face. The second house represents the singing/voice. The third house represents the hands and chest. The fourth house represents the heart. 

When you negatively affect these houses from a dangerous planet, it leads to health problems. The influences of the favorable and harmful planets in the sixth house are present. They are the determining factors whether a person is in good health or bad health.

Every two years, health astrology is recommended to conduct an examination. It is based on age, type of work, health conditions, and general health risks. Now learn how it is possible in astrology to assess the signs of health issues.

Want to know if you are going to encounter any future health issues? Try medical astrology

Health astrology predictions mean reading all the houses and planets in your birth chart. This can cause health problems. Health predictions for certain diseases can be made from the date of birth. Health prediction by date of birth can also be done by reading at home. In addition to these specific answers, we can also identify planets and diseases. It helps to overcome health-related problems.

Anything present in astrology through various astrological combinations. These are the causes of health problems. Now let’s understand all these factors with a particular explanation of the highlights on the separate health page. It is achieved by the date of birth/birth details.

Many subtle signs could indicate some health problems on the birth chart. There is a particular planet in the health horoscope that indicates health problems and diseases. Instead of ignoring it, it is better to focus on yourself. You are entitled to this.

Health should always come first, just as doctors have different tools to identify and treat specific ailments. Astrology is a tool to identify the symptoms of common health problems. In the natal chart, there are a few special planets. There are houses for diseases and health issues. There is also a method to link the symptoms of different specific diseases together. It is done with different houses and planets in one horoscope.

Have a broader picture of health issues from a medical astrology

Now let’s have a broader idea of ​​how specific diseases are exhibited. It may be in various houses and signs. We see the whole body as the head, face, and facial bones. The brain, blood vessels, and skin are from the first house.

We provide a broader picture of the relationship between different houses. It is present in the birth health chart and disease types. We will now go into more detail about some specific diseases. But, first, let’s know how we read certain diseases astrologically on the health chart. Is there any indication of a particular disease in the birth chart? The answer is yes. Janam Kundli shows some diseases related to our life.

This is a natural skin problem and can indicate a severe medical issue. We know that the skin is an essential part of the human body. Because it covers a vast area and is responsible for removing toxins from the body, it tells what is going on in the body. Often it can be an allergy or infection, or other unlisted skin problem. The most common symptoms, such as spots or bumps on the skin, may need attention. Hypersensitive or itchy skin may indicate the need for medical astrology.

The skin can be in terms of weight anywhere from 6 to 9 pounds. and in an area of ​​about two square feet. The skin is the separator between your inner body and the outside world. It protects you from bacteria and viruses. In addition, it can regulate body temperature.

Know which planet our house is responsible for health issues for your Zodiac sign

 The following are the reasons for all kinds of health issues.

  • Ascendant: State of mental and physical health
  • 2. Home: It represents a face or a pimple on the face or maybe some scars on the face.
  • 6. Home: Is disease or cause of various diseases.
  • Saturn: Natural indication of skin, all age-related problems, eczema, and some incurable diseases.
  • Month: Any blood contamination or anemia,
  • Venus: The planet responsible for skin beauty.
  • Mercury: Every stress in life and skin problems
  • Mars: Some boils, rashes, allergies, or measles.
  • Jupiter: Jupiter affects the 11th home or Lord of the 11th House. (Jupiter regulates metabolism and toxicity)
  • Mercury / Saturn Links: Planet Saturn is the reason for drying the surface of the epidermis. The prevention of excessive blood flow slows the nerve signal.

Determine one health issue quickly with the help of planets and houses

Planets play a vital role in determining one’s health issues. Medical astrology offers research on the planet’s entire role in this regard. The 6th house in the chart means illness. The 8th House indicates the need for surgery, death. But the 12th house means loss and deprivation. 

According to Medical and Planetary Astrology, it is true that one will suffer when the 12th peak lord is in 6th. the house of sickness, and when subordinates in planetary constellations occupy 6 or 8. It is when something significant is operating.

Disease online astrology prediction or Vedic medical astrology is a branch of science. It deals with health and longevity. The Day also studies the intensity of various health problems in each sign. Each sign and each planet in the horoscope has specific properties. This property determines the intensity of the disease in humans. 

Medical astrology predictions help a person become familiar with the diseases. Some of the diseases can affect a person. You can also know how long they can cause health problems. Predictions for medical astrology are sometimes very accurate and helpful.

Several Conditions can irritate, clog, or inflame the skin. They can cause symptoms such as redness, swelling, burning, or itching. Irritants, allergies, genetic makeup, and some diseases and immune system problems are also significant problems. The day can cause dermatitis, hives, and other skin conditions. There may be skin problems such as acne that can affect your appearance. 

Your skin can also develop various types of cancer. Medical astrology identifies the factors responsible for skin diseases. Planets like Saturn and Mercury represent almost all types of skin diseases and disorders.

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