7 top rated and Best quality Australian mattresses: 2022

One of the most challenging and perplexing purchases you will make is a new mattress, as you have undoubtedly realized by this point. It’s reasonable to feel overwhelmed by choice, given the countless merchants, goods, and pricing available.

See how many prominent Australian bedding stores there are in the list below! Remember that this does not include all the current online “mattress in a box” choices.

You’ll need to evaluate how much money you should spend on a new mattress in addition to navigating through all of the many vendors.

Which mattress types are there?

Based on their structure, mattresses may be divided into numerous categories. But many mattresses, especially the more expensive ones, mix several technologies, such as coil mattresses and memory foam layers. Various methods exist to construct a contemporary mattress due to ongoing advancements in mattress technology and innovative designs. You must be wondering on where to find the best Australian mattresses that suits your needs and requirements, but don’t worry we have got you covered here.

Below are the best and top-rated Australian mattresses suited for you


The Yinahla Classic Comfort has a beautiful elastin fabric cover atop various quality comfort foams. These foams are placed on top of an unbelievable 9 zone super coil pocket spring system, possibly the unique spring system on the market. This mattress is suitable for persons of all sizes, and its combination of comfort and support is terrific.

The Yinahla website makes it simple to acquire the Yinahla Classic Comfort online. You can return it for a full refund if you are not happy during the product’s 100-night free trial period.

One of the most adaptable goods on the market is the fantastic Atlantis Mattress. Its top cover contains a fiber called Seaqual, making the production process incredibly environmentally friendly. This unique fiber is created from salvaged ocean plastic debris.

Atlantis Mattress

The Atlantis Mattress includes an excellent customizability option and many other great features. Firm, medium, or soft options for stiffness are available when placing your initial order. If you’re not happy with your original choice, you may request extra foam layers for your mattress at no additional cost to change the firmness. This may even be done on each side of the mattress to accommodate couples who want varying degrees of hardness.


If you want the most excellent spinal care and back support in 2022, the Dusk&Dawn Signature is the mattress. It is part of the Dusk&Dawn collection, including the entry-level Essential and the famous Premiere.

The top surface of the Dusk & Dawn Signature Mattress is made of a gorgeous “Comfort-Stretch Premium Fabric.” This is placed on top of a layer of Australian Natura-Wool, a comfort layer made of “Eco-Air,” graphite memory foam, premium comfort foam, and a 5-zone small pocket system. These parts work well together, and the “ISO Coil” 5 zone pocket spring system offers a premium spring unit.

Republic Mattress

Australia’s most exemplary “overall” bed in a box award was given in 2022 to the Sleep Republic Mattress in this fiercely competitive online sector. In Australia, purchasing a “mattress in a box” (or “bed in a box”) online has grown quite common during the past five years. The key drivers of its popularity are accessibility, practicality, and “after-sales security.”

As the name implies, a mattress in a box is compressed and placed in a box by powerful machinery to reduce the cost of storage and transportation. They decompress once opened to become just like any other mattress. The comfort and support of the Sleep Republic Mattress are well balanced. Cashmere fabric, top-quality memory foam, and all-natural latex make up its comfort layer. Excellent back support is provided with less partner disruption because of its “high definition” pocket spring technology.

This mattress has the expected smooth, cozy, and luxurious feeling. Its complex structure incorporates a robust “double-layered” spring system. Beautiful comfort layers made of natural cashmere, memory foam with gel infusion, and 100% natural latex are placed on this spring system.

An absolute classic, The Hypnos Balmoral still has a lot to offer. It is readily comparable to other premium mattresses that are much more expensive and is produced in Australia. The medium version is thoroughly reviewed here.

Silent Night Onyx

Many Australians still experience issues with overheating when they are sleeping. The Silent Night Onyx was the best mattress in 2022 for people seeking one, primarily to address this issue.

This mattress has a distinctive “ICE-TEK” cooling weave, a cutting-edge thermoregulating substance, on its top cover. It quickly dissipates body heat, assisting in maintaining a comfortable, cozy sleeping temperature. A blend of memory and premium comfort foam is positioned below Silent Night Onyx’s top cover. To further aid in ventilation and airflow, the mattress has a unique “open-cell layer.”

Eco Kids Mattress

Our professional team selected the Eco Kids Mattress as Australia’s “Best Kids” Mattress in 2022 after carefully examining the market for children’s mattresses. It has various non-toxic certifications and was created especially for kids.

The top cover of this mattress is made of organic bamboo and cotton fibers. This sleep surface would suit all kids, especially those with allergies, because these fibers are inherently hypoallergenic. A newly created “Chiro Flex ES” spring system serves as the primary support framework. This provides superior support for developing spines and is sturdy enough to hold adults for a respectable amount of time.

In 2022, the Eco Kids Mattress will be the mattress of choice for kids. It is an excellent product. It is non-toxic, created in Australia, and reasonably priced.


To assist you in creating a shortlist based on your needs, it’s a good idea to conduct preliminary research by reading product descriptions and internet reviews. With a clear notion of what you want, you may enter a shop space or testing area to try out mattresses. It’s also crucial to remember that certain manufacturers will create product lines just for a few shops, or they may brand a range of items differently depending on the store.

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