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What is a Touchless Car Wash

Touchless car washes are becoming increasingly popular in recent times. The idea of not needing you to use water in order to clean your vehicle is appealing to many car owners.

This guide will help you understand the process of car washing that is touchless and show the benefits of doing it.

Why do people love the Touchless Car Wash?

  • Guards paint from scratches and swirls The claim is that more than 90% of scratches or scratch marks that cars suffer from are the result of improper drying or washing techniques. When towels or wash mitts with bits of dirt and other debris are placed against the paint of a car which causes micro-scratching and marring. The marring may be a more serious issue for dark or black-colored vehicles because the darker shades help you spot the swirl marks and scratches. Touchless car washes allow you to stay clear of all this since, aside from high-pressure water, nothing else gets pressing against the paint during these washes.
  • Reduces time Touchless car washing drastically reduces the amount of time spent cleaning your vehicle. Cleaning the exterior of your car with wash gloves can take time, as does drying it with towels. Touchless car washing can take off the need for washing. It’s as easy as hose-down your vehicle to rinse it then use foam spray, then hose it again to wash it after which you dry the car with blowers.
  • saves time and money The result is that you conserve a significant amount of water with touch free car wash as well as you won’t need to purchase towels or wash gloves while doing these washes.
  • A lower risk of damage If you wash your car in the normal method, it’s possible to harm loose parts of your car or other accessories by accident, e.g. antennas. Car washes that are touchless help to avoid harm.

helps keep your car spotless between thorough washings when your schedule is sluggish and you are working on a tight schedule, it could take some time before you have the a complete clean. A quick 20-minute touchless auto wash will help maintain your vehicle’s appearance amazing up until the time you wash your car a thorough physical wash.

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DIY Touchless Car Wash Vs. Going to an Automatic Car Wash

DIY Touchless Car Wash Vs. Going to an Automatic Car Wash

Although, fully-service auto washes that are automated and touchless can be practical. They’re not expensive, and they are able to finish the task in just the time of 10 minutes and are accessible these days. However, the majority of automatic touchless auto washers are limited in their budget, which is why they typically use harsher cleaners than the ones that a professional detailer would employ or would recommend.

These harsh cleaning products for cars could eat away at the wax layer polish, sealant or polish you’ve applied to your vehicle. If you’ve not applied any additional protection for your paint do not take your vehicle for a touchless automated Car wash as the harsh cleaning chemicals could damage the clear coat of paint. Touchless car washing in person lets you have a greater ability to control the detergent and the equipment that is used in cleaning. With better soap and more efficient equipment, you can achieve more effective results.

Another thing to consider is that the jets that are fixed in pressurized water used in automated car washes aren’t able to reach all crevices and corners of an automobile in the manner it is possible for a person to access them with a hand-held pressure washer.

The big blow dryers that are used in the automatic touchless auto wash aren’t able to dry the car properly because they’re not always directed. Touchless car wash in person is a winner in this regard since you’ll have greater control over-drying. It’s possible to direct your blower on the most difficult-to-access areas to eliminate all water.

Step-By-Step Guide To A Touchless Wash

Tuchless Car Wash Process

When you’re performing a touchless car wash, be sure to close your car’s doors and windows securely to stop the water that’s being pressurized from getting into the car. Also, you should reduce the length of your car’s exterior antenna to prevent damage while you’re washing the car. Touchless washing should not be performed during direct sunshine or when the vehicle’s surface is extremely hot. Make sure to do it in an area that is shaded, such as a garage or another space when it’s hot outside.

1- Pre-Rinse

The process of pre-rinsing your car is simply washing it with the pressure washer. The goal of pre-rinsing is to soften and/or loosen big pieces of dirt and other debris prior to performing the foam cannon wash and a setting of medium pressure on the pressure washer should suffice. It is recommended to begin spraying 4 to 5 feet from the vehicle. When you are able to feel the pressure of the water then you can get closer but not too much.

2- Foam Cannon Or Foam Gun

Following that, you should be to spray your vehicle with foam (using the foam cannon or a foam gun).

A foam cannon will be more than ideal. It’s an accessory for the pressure washer which effectively applies soapy car wash to your car. It’s a garden hose accessory that does the job however, it doesn’t release as much pressure.

Utilizing the ratio of soap to water recommendations on the label of the bottle of soap for car washing Pour your car soap in the foam container and then add the appropriate volume of water. Shake the mixture to mix it all up (don’t shake it too vigorously). Then, you can reattach it to the other end of the cannon. You then connect the cannon’s 1/8 1-inch quick connector to the pressurized washer. Then, adjust the knob for soap as well as the nozzle control knob to your preferences, switch to the pressure washer, and then begin to spray your vehicle with foam.

This nozzle regulates how much soap drew into the suction tube once the washer pressure is turned on and altering it to draw the soap more will result into a more dense foam. If the foam is left to sit for longer, it allows the active agents and detergents in the soap chance to dissolve and remove dirt and grime off the surface of the car.

3- Rinse

When rinsing you should use a moderate pressure setting as you don’t want any damage to the paint on your car. Also, turn your nozzle’s control knob so as to allow the flow of pressurized water to cover an extensive area. Maintain a safe distance the vehicle (4-5 feet) exactly as you did during the pre-rinse.

4- Dry

We’ve prepared a comprehensive tutorial on drying your car to make sure that you’re doing it in the correct method. For this easy wash it’s possible to use an air blower designed specifically to dry cars. Leaf blowers are often employed, however you must be cautious as a dirty one could release debris onto the car. They also typically have large nozzles , which make it difficult to direct air toward certain areas of your vehicle.

If you are blow-drying your vehicle, start starting from the top and working downwards. Do each section one at a and then blow air through all gaps, door jambs and vents in order to eliminate the water that is trapped within those places.

The Value Of Ceramic Coatings

The use of touchless washes for a car wash is better for cars that have been coated with a sealant, wax, or ceramic coat. If there isn’t a protection layer over the clear coat layer of paint dirt is more likely to stick to the paint of a car. Other pollutants like birds’ droppings, road tar bugs’ residues, and tree sap might be absorbed into the transparent coat.

If this happens a touchless car wash could not be able to get rid of a significant amount of dirt and other contaminants. A complete scrub-down using wash gloves may be needed to get rid of all the dirt.

But, when paints are coated by a sealant, wax, or ceramic coating, dirt can’t adhere to the paint in the way it normally would. These coatings protect the paint by providing an extremely smooth flat surface, and also possess a high surface tension therefore dirt and other contaminates can’t stick to the surface.

It can be able to lay loosely over the top of the car, however, isn’t able to stick to it. So, when these coatings are applied to car surfaces using foams, the soaps present in the soap effortlessly lift dirt off the surface. This makes it easier to clean off the majority of the dirt that has accumulated when washing the car.

A great example of top-quality car wax or sealant that you can apply to give your car anti-static, hydrophobic characteristics are the Torque Detail Mirror Shine. Mirror Shine has a polymer-based formula that bonds to the paint of your vehicle, creating opaque, glass-like protection.

To get even better results, you can try the torque detail ceramic shine. It contains tiny particles of silicon dioxide, which form an even stronger glass-like layer on the car’s surface.

Drawbacks of The Method of washing with touchless

Chemical Strength Vs. Agitation

The method of washing with touchless offers advantages, however as far as efficiency in the removal of debris, dirt, as well as other chemicals, it doesn’t compete with physical washing. Agitation is the key to removing dirt and other pollutants; however, chemical strength isn’t. The detergents used in the touchless shampoos for car washing are specifically designed to trap dirt and remove it off the car’s surface however, when the dirt is caked up and has been able to stick hard to the automobile’s surfaces, these detergents might only reduce the amount of dirt. This can happen even for touchless shampoos for car wash that contain harsher chemicals. The majority of automated touchless car wash employ these kinds of harsh cleaners.

Touchless At Home vs. Automated Car Wash Different Things

The method of washing with touchless offers advantages, however when it comes to efficiency in the removal of dirt or various other pollutants, it doesn’t compete with a physical washing. Agitation ensures the removal from dirt as well as other contaminants. chemical strength can be used in addition to harsher cleaners that could damage your car’s paint, the majority of auto washes that are touchless are made to reuse the water used when cleaning cars. They take that water, then run through a water purification system, which reconditions the water and use it for another vehicle. Due to this, the recycled water could result in a high chemical content that could harm the paint on your car.

So, it’s better to wash your car using touchless technology at home, so that you are able to control how much water you use, your equipment as well as cleaning supplies. esn’t. The detergents found in shampoos for car wash that are touchless are designed to seal and lift dirt off the car’s surface. However, when dirt that has been caked up is clinging tightly onto the surface of a car and the detergents are unable to be able to soften the dirt. This can happen even for touchless shampoos for car wash that contain harsher chemical. The majority of automated touchless car wash employ these kinds of harsh cleaners.

What You Can’t Do to Clean without Agitation

There are some contaminants that can’t be cleaned without agitation due to their ability to stick to the paint of your car. For instance that bird poop and bug guts contain acid, and they can eat away at the clear coat of your car as they dry. Tar brake dust, the mineral deposit, along with traffic films however are absorbed into the paint of your vehicle as they are sucked up by the tires of your car or those of other vehicles driving on the roads. This is why the touchless shampoos for car wash may not be effective against the toxins. These contaminants are only removed by the agitation process.

Another Method: The Two-Bucket Method

Another option you can employ to clean your vehicle is the tried and true two-bucket method. Two buckets are used and you subconsciously label one of them as the soap bucket, and the other one as it is the bucket for rinse.

The buckets should be filled with water, then add your favorite car wash soap into the soap bucket, mixing it with the water. Next, dip a top-quality wash mitt in the soap bucket, and then gently scrub the exterior of your vehicle, moving through sections. If the wash mitt becomes filled with dirt, rinse it in the bucket to rinse and then dip it back into the soap bucket and continue to clean your vehicle. Once you’ve scrubbed all the car, wash it off with lots of clean water.

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  3. Vegas Suds Carwash
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  5. Terrible Herbst Exterior Unattended Car Wash
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Are touchless car washes better?

Family Handyman reports that touchless car washes will not remove dirt from your car like the thorough manual wash as well as an auto-friction wash. The blowers that are used aren’t the most efficient in drying out vehicles and you’ll need be on the lookout for excessive moisture.

What’s the difference between touchless and soft touch car wash?

Your car is at a single location while various laser-guided equipment circulates around your vehicle. The main difference between a touchless Car Wash or a soft-touch vehicle wash is the fact that there is nothing that actually comes into contact with your vehicle in the case of a wash that is not touch-free, aside from the wash products and water. No brushes, no cloths

Are touchless car washes hard on paint?

Are car washes that use touchless technology bad for paint? There are a few touchless car washes that can be harmful to your vehicle’s paint however, some use brushes that aren’t properly maintained. In these cases, the car wash brush can scratch paint, and even damage the exterior of your car.

What kind of car wash is best?

The touchless Quick Quack Car Wash won’t scratch your car. It will remove large chunks of debris and dirt off and will do a decent job overall in cleaning the car. However, a layer of road grime and dirt remains in the car’s paint. It’s more evident in a white vehicle as opposed to a dark vehicle however, it’s still there.

Should I use the brush at the carwash?

When cleaning your car between maintenance, it is best to wash by hand using the aid of a glove instead of using a brush. The bristles of the brush could cause tiny scratches on the surface of paint, which is known as marring. Even the most delicate of brushes could leave this kind of mark. Don’t risk scratching your car and finding out.

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