BigTime Software vs Trello Software: What Makes Them Different?

A useful project management tool helps users map out the roadmap, outline a timeframe, streamline workflows, and make sure everyone is on the same page. When everyone has the information and tools, they need to complete their assignments, the project will move at a faster pace. This article compares BigTime software vs Trello software in terms of collaboration and communication. It outlines all the key features of both platforms and also reminds buyers of some factors they should consider when buying a project management system for their business.

BigTime Software

BigTime gives project teams the tools they need to deliver more billable work on the scheduled due date. Users can improve their profit margins by a significant amount if they rely on this software. They can also substantially increase their customer base and expand into new markets. In terms of projects, BigTime streamlines all operations with intuitive budgeting, task management, and invoicing options. It can also automate complex processes and make it easier for users to focus on the big picture.

Key Features

Employee Tracking 

One difference between BigTime software vs Trello software is the tracking feature. BigTime has an extensive tracking system with intuitive data entry that allows users to record time quickly. It consolidates all the billing data and monitors employees even when they are working offline. All the information is stored in the cloud when they come back online.


BigTime software is also known for its billing system because it makes the process of tracking expenses, issuing invoices, and preparing bills much easier. Teams can customize the billing process, assign specific base rates, and implement rules for certain clients. Since the billable hours are recorded on the same system, billing and invoicing becomes much easier and faster. Users find it more convenient to process the data when they do not have to switch between windows.

Resource Allocation

The data from the time tracker and billing tool provides project managers with a keener understanding of how resources are being spent. They can easily manage tasks and make adjustments to their approach during the course of a project. BigTime allows them to reallocate manpower to the worthiest cause.

Streamline Workflows

BigTime software can be used to standardize processes with the help of built-in templates and forms. Employees can familiarize themselves with the system and provide clients with the consistency they deserve. Each workflow is optimized to deliver the best results on time and under budget.


BigTime has detailed dashboards with key insights, analysis, and reports ready to be shared. It displays all the tracked data in the form of graphs, charts, tables, and numbers. These can be presented to the stakeholders or clients during meetings. There are multiple resources for data collection and BigTime makes use of them all.


One similarity between BigTime software vs Trello software is that both are cloud-based solutions. The BigTime API allows users to expand their capabilities and integrate with other systems. The accounting module can seamlessly connect with popular collaboration and productivity tools to increase its functionality.

Trello Software

Trello is one of the most accessible collaboration applications in the market. It is a completely online platform that has a free version that is perfect for small businesses. This project management solution has dedicated boards for each project where teams can create lists for every category. Tasks are represented through cards and users can add attachments, convey instructions, and assign them to the relevant employees. The users can track all their pending assignments by applying filters or follow the progress of all other active tasks as well on the dashboard.

Key Features

Task Cards

One difference between BigTime software vs Trello software is that the latter has a board and card organization system. It is a user-friendly workflow organization tool that can be used to assign work to the team members. Each card is clearly labeled and prevents confusion or mismanagement. Users can order the tasks according to their priority or status.


Trello boards are completely flexible and the users can edit tasks in line with a drag and drop method. They can customize each list so users are able to follow exclusive metrics and use the automated notification tracking option. All changes and alterations can be tracked from the home screen or notification window.


The biggest benefit for Trello software users is that it facilitates collaboration between different departments and companies. It helps team members connect at all levels and companies can continue to add more users to the system with ease. The entire team will be able to participate in discussions in the comment section or through chat sessions. Sharing notes, files, and updates is much easier because the platform supports all formats.

Calendar Management

Trello has a dedicated calendar add-on that helps users prioritize tasks and fulfill shorter deadlines. Managers can assign action items at the last minute and share the status with everyone. The users are not obliged to use this function but they can also connect their iCal or Google Calendar to import tasks to their phones.


Trello software makes sure all data, discussions, and files are stored in an elegant system that is easily accessible to users. The data is backed up on the cloud and protected against any external attack or breach. There are many labels included in the system and they can be applied to make the search much easier.

Mobile Version

Trello is completely mobile-friendly and users can access the board from anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet. The platform is compatible with Android and iOS systems. The users can easily update tasks, add comments, and view updates from their phone screens.


When comparing best project tracking software BigTime vs Trello, it is important to note that both platforms are created for a specific user base. Those who value collaboration and want a task-sharing system should choose Trello. If you want additional functionality such as accounting, time tracking, and billing then BigTime is the right choice.

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