Can You Transport CBD Vape Pen Through Post?

CBD has garnered much momentum in the last few years. In these years, many things have changed in favor of CBD. From being into legal gray areas to becoming federally, legal CBD has changed completely. These years the CBD industry has been constantly on the rise, and nowadays, CBD Vape Pen is readily available anywhere.

The global CBD market was worth $4.9 billion in 2021. According to a recent analysis of the Vantage Market Research, the global CBD market may reach $47.22 billion by 2028 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.3%.

CBD is constantly reaching into new markets after introducing the 2018 Hemp Farming Act. So, in these new areas where there aren’t any offline CBD stores, CBD products are mainly shipped through the post. Though CBD is legal at the federal level, some laws vary state by state. Due to this, many online buyers and sellers aren’t clear about the CBD shipping laws.

So, let’s shed some light and clear all the doubts about transporting CBD products.

Can you ship CBD vape pens through the mail?

The short answer is ‘yes’; you can transport CBD vape pens through the post. However, federal laws say CBD products must have less than 0.3% THC. Furthermore, CBD should also be extracted from the hemp plant instead of the cannabis plant.

Apart from this, there are some other complications in shipping when it comes to vapes. For example, in the US, a particular act prohibits using the US Postal Service (USPS) to deliver any vapor product. Earlier, only tobacco was banned, but in Dec 2020, the Prevent All Cigarettes Trafficking (PACT) Act got amended to include all vape products as tobacco.

Due to this amendment, even standard courier services like UPS and FedEx prohibit sellers from using their services to ship vape products. Moreover, violations of the PACT act attract civil and criminal penalties.

So, the question arises, how is it possible to transport CBD vape pens.

While the amended PACT act is live, there are still some unique vape-approved shipping solutions available on the market. The PACT Act has some provisions which allow registered vape-approved shipping companies to ship vape products.

How to ship vape products after the amendment in the PACT act?

The PACT Act requires certain conditions in addition to non-mailing provisions. Therefore, a vape product seller needs to follow these conditions strictly. The conditions are:

Registration before sales:

As a vape product seller looking to ship products across the US, you must register your business with the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) offices. Additionally, you should also register with the local tobacco tax administrations where you sell or advertise vapor products.

The registration is required for all companies, whether selling directly to customers, distributors, or other businesses. However, the registration requirement is only applicable in states with a tax on Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS). There are 28 States where there is a tax on ENDS products. So, before shipping to any state, look closely for the related laws

Reporting after sales:
As a responsible vape business, you need to maintain all sales records for 4 years after the sale date. Moreover, you will also need to file a monthly report before the state tobacco administration in every state where you are registered. Additionally, you will also require to submit the same report to any other state or tribal authority that taxes the sale of vape products.

The report should contain the name and current address of the persons delivering and receiving the package. The report should also mention the brand details and the number of items delivered.

Other requirements for shipping vape products:

  • The package should be labeled as a tobacco product.
  • Also, verify the age and identity of the customer at the time of purchase.
  • Use the non-prohibited delivery method that collects the buyer’s legal signature besides verifying the identity at delivery.

Tips for shipping vapes:

Here are some tips for shipping vapes across the united states:

  • Review the shipping technology:

Businesses selling vapes directly to the customers should ensure that excise duty is appropriately collected from the buyers. Moreover, make sure the customer data is securely stored for PACT-compliant purposes.

  • Strictly comply with PACT Act provisions:

The ATF maintains a list of businesses and persons who don’t comply with the PACT Act. It further shares the data with common carriers such as USPS, credit card corporations, and other financial entities. So, failing to follow the provisions of the PACT act can make it impossible to bear the prohibitions.

  • Check the exception status:

Traditionally, the PACT act has left out the business-to-business delivery from the USPS ban. However, sending products “for business purposes” to other businesses requires specific permissions.

How to use USPS to ship vape pens?

There are some exceptions to the new shipping regulations. According to these exceptions, vape products can be shipped through USPS.

Apart from business-to-business mailing, sellers can also mail vape products to government agencies. For example, sellers can ship products to the states of Alaska and Hawaii. Companies can also send products to customers for treatment or public health purposes. Moreover, individuals can also ship up to 10 ENDS for non-commercial usage every month.


Compared to other CBD products, vapes are relatively tough to ship. Due to this, vape products are also quite costly, and most people prefer to buy them from local stores. Furthermore, there is a probability of getting damaged products due to improper handling. It may lead to the return of the package, thus making it a costly operation.

To protect the package from damage, make sure to seal the original box, then place the item in another container. You can also provide some internal cushioning.
While in the beginning, it may seem not very easy, sellers can quickly ship their vape products with specialized shipping solutions.

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