Capture the candid moment in acrylic

Capture the candid moment in acrylic. From public holidays to the beach for families to children at the game, subjects Bev Jozwiak are the stuff of numerous family picture albums. However, his thick acrylic brushing captures the energy and feels the left moment better than any camera ever.

The role of the camera in the process

But do not be wrong. Jozwiak loves his camera, and thousands of reference photos are made. Therefore, the camera is in his life that his children and his grandparents ignore him. When her daughter Billey was at a wedding years ago, the photographer had to educate the camera to view the camera. Jozwiak loves authenticity, the real life of the candid pictures. Many of his photographs, like universal canvas, show topics from behind. I do not like people who know that I can photograph it, and he adds that he first gives them to catch them. They “kill, not with the daily thing, not posing.

Honestly, this approach also sells better, he explains. It is easier to project your experiences on paintings that contain not detailed and recognizable faces. Jozwiak lasts 50 or 60 photos for each printing for reference. However, it has about 10 boxes of categorized photos that come out during his inactivity. (Ballet, birds, and beach represent only the BS in his collection.) So look for television means background noise as he surfs his crates to inspire his next painting. It’s a habit that pushes her husband a bit of Bonkers, but she asks, how can I change cool drawings?

Photography as a starting point

Jozwiak often combines numbers from several photos in a single painting. His daughter appeared, now a professional dancer with Ballet Tucson, several times in the individual images. Help that Jozwiak often photographed potential issues in a constant light: indoors near a window or a first-class time to capture long and dramatic shadows. It’s none for experimental sketches but instead plans a solid horizontal and vertical solid, at least a small center. The vertical is typically the figure painted and distinguishes from the blurred backgrounds of Jozwiak, which has become typical in the last three years. It almost always starts with a hot base coat and then draws a detailed presentation of the subject. As soon as the paint progresses, forget the lines. It helps his anatomically accurate numbers, but the rest is the artistic license.

Lost and found

Jozwiak had painted with acrylic at school, but he dilutes the colors as much as their colleagues met them as ridiculous. If you paint in water media, why, why not watercolor? And so, he became a watercolor painter.

From 18 years after college, the painting stopped, except for the occasional piece of the host. She worked as a package for dismissal fries until she dissatisfaction her with her work she drove her. With the support of his husband, she took the diver to paint full time.

Over the years, they found their most thick and thicker watercolor applications. Six years ago, you tried some tubes of acrylic networks in front of the first days of college. Miraculously, they worked again, and she liked the feeling. (The smell of oil solvents does not only work for your little study). She discovered that the acrylic gave her an outlet as she wanted to store thick and that her watercolor she freed her for days when they tried to ruin the paint. Neither the average must double twice more, even if it overlooks a means for use in the other. Leave a signature of your watercolor images: unfinished works in which the paint drips on the sheet floor. In both media, she loves lost and found edges.

An artistic instinct

Capture the candid moment in acrylic

After your stomach has been developed so far, the woman, who made full-time paint in eight galleries in her first year of full-time painting, shows in eight galleries, teaches in the United States, and expects her to develop much more. When they started with college photorealism and returned to impressionism, they recently began to embrace abstract backgrounds. You can testify to the evolution of backstage butterflies up to a loving hand. Longer to paint, the freest you’re with your vision tell you.

And the more I like the process. Skyrocket sales have fun. In 10 years, she predicts, she won’t be a big fan of what you did in 2015. But for now, you like both you as well as the spectators of your art “trust in a self-confident brush stone point.

Trade tools

Bev Jozwiak shares his thoughts on some of his favorite products.

  • Fabriano Artistico 140-lb., Hot pressed paper or GessoBord: Jozwiak likes movement in him and likes the color to slip. These surfaces are ideal for achieving the results you want.
  • M. Graham and golden heavy body acrylic bodies: he had tried the long-lasting acrylic tray, open, but he could never conveniently adapt it to him painted by him. As a quick painter, he doesn’t need it anyway.
  • Pencil 2B: He tried a water-soluble pencil, but this simple hail classroom feels more pleasant and gives you better results.
  • Pallet knife: Jozwiak scratches in color to convey rain, the typical time for your Washington home state.

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