Charmhealth EHR vs Athenahealth EHR: Which is better?

Have you ever heard of any organization or firm going around sharing their flaws with their clients? Obviously not. It is because everyone tries to hide their inefficiencies for their own good. And EMR platforms are no exception. You won’t ever discover the weaknesses of EHR solutions by navigating through their websites. It is because they portray themselves as what clients want to see and not the unimaginable. But, getting to the bottom of the problems of EHR solutions is not difficult with the reviews out there.

To help you understand this we will use two healthcare solutions, Charmhealth EHR, and athenahealth. First, we will list down their features as presented on their websites, and then we will move to the user’s opinions to uncover their flaws. Finally, for a more effective understanding, we will pen down this article in comparison form so that you will know for sure which software better aligns with your goals by the end of this article. So, shall we start this Charmhealth EHR vs athenahealth EHR battle?

Charmhealth EHR Features:

Charmhealth EHR features an array of customizable features for streamlining practices’ administrative and clinical workflow.

Revenue Cycle Management:

Charmhealth EHR offers a robust revenue cycle management service and works at its best to boost the productivity of medical practices. It doesn’t leave anything behind, from denial resolution to claims automation and IT automation.IThe vendor improves the billing services for the convenience of patients. Charmhealth even features a claim tracking service to check the status of claims. Its A/R management tool and adaptive rules engine help reduce the time spent on financial processes. Also, it generates revenue reports.

Engaging Patients:

Practices need to engage the patients to gain positive care outcomes. Charmhealth EHR features intuitive tools to get patients to play an active role in their treatment process. In addition, the vendor serves as a tool to boost patient satisfaction, and its best example is an encrypted HIPAA-compliant portal. This portal helps with self-scheduling, looking into the medical history, reviewing lab results, and sending secure messages to the clients. All these services give patients a sense of control over their patients.

Administrative Management:

Charmhealth EHR features an intact practice management solution for efficient administrative cycle management. Reviews show that Charmhealth EHR takes the hassle out of the administrative procedures and offers seamless data integration. Moreover, its PM module offers services like patient kiosks, document management, credit card processing, and inventory management. Besides this, Charmhealth EHR also features a patient bills generation tool for effortless invoice creation and processing.

Charmhealth EHR Reviews:

The reviews of Charmhealth are balanced with positive and negative opinions from the users. Some users say that the administrative workflow can be managed better to enhance clinical efficiency. At the same time, others laud this solution for its comprehensive nature. Its patient engagement solution is the talk of the town for the way it engages patients. On the other hand, its lab ordering tool is abysmal and adds to the workload instead of lessening it. Charmhealth EHR reviews illustrate that its pre-existing templates and e-prescribing functionality add value to the vendor’s services. Look into the reviews of Charmhealth EHR by yourself to get a better outlook of the vendor.

Athenahealth EHR Features:

When it comes to features, athenahealth EHR scores the ground by providing clients with ground-breaking services to take their practices to the next height.

Revenue Management Services:

Athenahealth EHR features a compact RCM module. It is essential to discuss this point in Charmhealth EHR vs Athenahealth EHR comparison. The RCM module of Athena includes charge capture and charge optimization services. Athenahealth EHR features copay collection and insurance verification services to handle the revenue stream. Claim denial resolution and coding entry services play a significant role in simplifying the clinical procedures of medical practice. Also, it offers performance reporting features too.

Population Health:

This healthcare solution evolves the norms of medical practice with state-of-the-art population health services. The population health tool gets the best out of the clinical practices by conducting tests on standard health populations. It helps identify at-risk patients and helps coordinate care delivery to enhance the continuum of care. Athenahealth EHR features intuitive tools for aggregating data and performs tests to gain actionable insights and, in doing so, helps optimize the patient outreach.


It is actually a comprehensive EHR module composed of innovative functionalities to help practices prosper. Reviews of athenahealth EHR show that these solutions aim to lessen the pressure on physicians by letting them deliver optimized care services. It even supports mobile apps to offer endless mobility and updates continuously to help physicians stay ahead of the changes in the market. This athenahealth EHR module features mobile dictation, hands-free navigation, and pre-encounter prep to deliver value-based care.

Athenahealth EHR Reviews:

There are many major setbacks highlighted in the Athenahealth EHR reviews. The software lives up to its name by offering a wide range of services but lacks the most important of them. According to the reviews, the customer support services of athenahealth EHR are nothing more than a headache. Also, athenahealth EHR reviews show that the vendor overcharges for what it offers. However, on the other hand, some users believe that the vendor is frustration-less and efficient in what it does.  Also, in users’ opinions, its AthenaOne module is lit and is error-free. For more details, we recommend you to evaluate the athenahealth EHR reviews by yourself.

Concluding Words:

There are potential drawbacks of both these solutions, but it’s a fact that you can’t find a perfect EHR solution. Of all the services only a few lag, whereas the others are known for their effectiveness. In Charmhealth EHR vs athenahealth EHR comparison, Athena is considered an agile solution, and charmhealth is considered a compact one. On the other hand, the RCM services of both platforms vary dramatically. Also, the population health features of athenahealth EHR are unbeatable. Even though Charmhealth EHR features intuitive services, its population health module is not as effective as that of athena EMR. Give valuable thought to all these points and then decide which EMR you should choose. In our opinion, you should select the one whose benefits outweigh the cons.

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