Coaxial Speaker Cable- A Complete Guideline

f you want a massive change in the sound system in your music, choose a high-quality Coaxial speaker cable. 

If you get an accurate coax cable, it will improve your experience, and your sound will become more efficient and clear. Coax cables help get the maximum sound power out of your respective devices or speakers. 

If we talk about home audio, Cables have always been a great part of it. As cables directly play an important part in enhancing the sound quality for audiophiles. Let us now discuss all the present details about the Coaxial cable, its components and what it is made up of, the top 5 amazon coaxial cables that are famous in the market and at the end answering all the queries regarding coaxial Speaker cable.

What is Coaxial Speaker Cable?

It can be defined as: 

A Coaxial Speaker Cable is a type of electrical system cable where RF (Radio Frequency) signals are transmitted to the internal input devices from the device (source).”

  • “Coaxial” means construction, and this term is used because of the same axis of both, as the Core of the cable and wove shielding that are on the same axis. 
  • RF Ranges from the spectrum of audio waves with 20kHz to the lower IR spectrum (Infra-Red) with 300 GHz. 

History of Coaxial Cable:

  • For the first time, Coaxial cable was used in the year 1858. And since then, it became a household cable used by almost every individual in the late 1880s. 
  • The 1st Coax Cable was made of a Cu (copper) wire twisted around. The waveguide used at that time was a metal wire. 
  • In the middle of the 1800s, Coaxial cable made up of copper was replaced by a metal wire of almost the same diameter. The center of the metal wire gives a hollow connection to conduct. 
  • 1st Coaxial wire was used for catching Tv signals.

What is Coaxial Cable made up of? 

We have discussed a coaxial speaker cable, and now we will consider what it is made of and what it looks like. 

As the name of the “wire or cable” suggests, it is also straight in length and cylindrical in width. 

Coaxial speaker cable consists of 4 major parts or components that are:

  • OC (Outer Conductor)
  • IC (Internal Conductor)
  • Dielectric 
  • External Polymer Layer 

The outer conductor is made up of the shield, and the inner conductor works as a centerpiece. In contrast, there is a dielectric separation between outer and inner conductors. An external polymer layer jacket is also present and is used to provide a protective coating for the internal layers and parts of the wire. 

Various Types of Coaxial Speaker Cable: 

A coaxial speaker cable comprises an outer conductor, an inner conductor ( woven shielding), a separation created by a dielectric, and an outer layer jacket for protection. In this regard, different types of coaxial wires are available in the marketplace based on different types of construction and based on different types of applications that they perform, etc. 

Here we will discuss the most popular and everyday coaxial cables. The cables are listed below:

  1. Radiating Coaxial Cable.
  2. Formal Coaxial Cable.
  3. Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cable.
  4. Hard-Line Coaxial Cable.
  5. Rigid Coaxial Cable.
  6. Twin Coaxial Cable.

1 – Radiating Coaxial Cable:

RCC (Radiating Coaxial Cable) is called “Leaky Feeder.” 

It is used in environments related to underground mediums, i.e., mining or any other tunnel system. 

As per the name, it depicts the radiation, as it worked as a transmitting medium through the cable and the Radio waves. 


RCC, in simpler words, works like an antenna that is highly extensive and creates radio waves for receiving and transmitting signals. It works as a 2-side mobile communication. 

2 – Formal Coaxial Speaker Cable:

FCC is also termed as “RG Type 6” cable. 

It is one of the most common types of coaxial cables that we have as it can be used with different designs of cables based on different components, i.e., different jacket layer types, different woven shields, etc. 

Its application works well for households and industrial services as well. Best known to be used for Tv signals distribution. 

3 – Semi-Rigid Coaxial Speaker Cable

  • It is made up of Cu (copper) outer layers. 
  • It ranges maximum to 65 GHz frequency. 
  • This type of wire exhibits a low passively modulated internal. And is also popular for phase stability. 
  • It is a durable, reliable, and best-performing coaxial cable, among other types.

4 – Hard-Line Coaxial Speaker Cable:

HLCC is a cable that works as a metal shield that is made up of Cu (copper), Ag (silver), or sometimes Au (Gold). 


This type of wire uses a Cu (copper) based central conductor. The separation is also by a dielectric that is, in this case, mostly air, sometimes nitrogen gas, or sometimes a foam of polyethylene. They are very large in terms of diameter.

The application of HLCC is mainly in Radio Broadcasting or Tv Appliances. 

5 – Rigid Coaxial Cable

RCC is based upon two Cu(copper) wires placed right in a concentric position. 

Bending is not possible without an elbow, and connectors are used to help the connection. 


It provides a high connection between RF (Radio Frequency) medium and the High power-based transmissions. Mostly it contains springs used for contracting Cu wires and keeping the connection transmission intact. 

6 – Twin Coaxial Speaker Cable:

Twin Coaxial cable is also called triaxial cable, and sometimes Triax with an addition of one more Cu braid as the name suggests “Twin,” so it is based on two ICs. 

They are used for very short-range signaling connections. 

It contains a very low background frequency noise and contains great protection. 

They are used in almost all digital applications, including server apps, storage, data network center, etc. 

Types of Coaxial Speaker Cable based on Impedance

There are two different types of Coaxial cable known that are truly based on Impedance and are:

  • 50 Ohms Coaxial Cables
  • 75 Ohms Coaxial Cables

Various types of antennas and Radio transmission are based on 50 Ohms cables.

These are used in Ethernet Networks. 

While 70 Ohms are used in household appliances, they are generally used in TVs and other types of audio-video transmission.

Top 5 Amazon Coaxial Cables in 2022

  1. AmazonBasics Digital Audio RCA 
  2. Mogami Gold RCA 03 Mono 
  3. Kabeldirekt DCAVC 
  4. 102681 3-Feet RG6 RCA CL2 mono
  5. AudioQuest CDCC 

Final Thoughts:

In this article, coaxial speaker cable is discussed alongside all the components of the coaxial wire and how it works. We also give you information about the most popular amazon products regarding Coaxial Wires. We have discussed the coaxial wires based on various types, including Impedance or somehow including its popular types in the marketplace. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Coaxial Cable? 

Coaxial Speaker Cable is an electrical system cable transmitting RF signals from the device to the internal input devices.

Is speaker cable the same as Coaxial Cable?

Absolutely yes! It functions fine as a speaker cable and allows a user a good experience with the output, But you should use a subwoofer for a great setup. 

Can a Subwoofer be connected to the Coaxial Cable? 

If you need a connection between an audio receiver and a subwoofer, then you can use a coaxial cable wire for it. 

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