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In the world of coffee Shops, the word “best” is a subjective phrase. Coffee shops are now the bars that are open during the day and every person has their own view of what makes them great. In Oakland the cafés can be as varied as diverse neighborhoods, and so are the coffees. Baristas and roasters are creating communities that have an interest in coffee and helping local businesses. Here are our top 10 coffee shops to sample.

Blue Bottle Coffee shops 

There aren’t many people in the Bay location that aren’t familiar with the logo in blue that is the logo of Blue Bottle Coffee Shops. The coffee shops has become a regular not just located in Oakland but also throughout the city and across the bay. Blue Bottle Coffee promises to serve coffee that has been made in-house within the timeframe of 48 hours. The locations are spacious and modern and have seating for all and have become an integral part of the local community, just like your neighborhood Starbucks.

Blue Bottle Coffee shops

Coloso Coffee Shops

The little café is new to Oakland’s uptown café market. Coloso Coffee is forgoing pour-over drip coffees and instead uses the batch-brewed drip coffee or espresso. The proprietors, Jose Posadas and Renzo Gianella are committed to respecting their customers’ time by serving fast cups and being open all day, every day of the seven days a week. Coloso also serves the best pastries from the delectable Sandbox Bakery ( Coffee shops) in San Francisco. The smaller cafe’s space is minimalist however it’s not quite big enough to work in and therefore expect to go grab-and-go. Although the cafe is small in area, it offers an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.

Coloso Coffee Shops

Awaken Cafe – Coffee Shops

Its Awaken Cafe is a little lot of everything, which includes an espresso bar that has won awards along with a wine and beer bar, as well as a space for events which means it’s not only coffee and sleepy work-from-home-home-owners. Its walls café are lined with work by local artists Every Wednesday, the shop holds a karaoke night, and other days are home for open mics and local performers. Awaken Cafe is a must-visit. Awaken Cafe is one of the best treasures in Oakland and the reason why it’s a townhome.

waken Cafe - Coffee Shops

Modern Coffee

There are many coffee houses in the bay however none are quite as good as Modern Coffee in downtown Oakland. Modern Coffee is Oakland’s best coffee taproom (caffeine addicts must enjoy the sound that it makes). Alongside the selection of brewed-to-order coffees and coffees that are shared There’s also an extensive list of the ‘coffees we are loving today’, courtesy of the proprietors. The customers can purchase bags of coffee from roasters such as Chromatic, Counter Culture, Linea Caffe, Stumptown and Verve. Modern’s two locations are charming stores with ample space to workin, relax and take in the quaintness of Oakland

Modern Coffee shopes

Actual Cafe

The Oakland-based cafe located in the Golden Gate neighborhood has a small selection of everything. It’s among the most popular breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch spots on weekends. Actual is a welcoming place for artists as well as bikers as well as musicians and assists its community members by aiding create viable solutions. On weekends, they host a celebration by not having a laptop in order to create a fun and lively space for people to meet and have fun. What is unique about Actual Cafe exceptional is their celebration of community and being integral part.

Actual Cafe cofee shops

Bicycle Coffee Company

The Bicycle Coffee Company bicycle riding is as much of their enthusiasm as their coffee. The coffee business started with making roasts in the wok located in a kitchen located in the Inner Sunset and has now been a worldwide roasting company. The cafe they have is located in the downtown area of Oakland and is similar to the brand. The cafe is basic and is open, with the roasting taking place in the same place as they serve their coffee. The outdoor seating is available and tables in the shape of the bicycles that their coffee is served on. If you’re a fan of their coffee, you can purchase bags filled with their coffee as well as growlers of their incredible coffee iced.

Bicycle Coffee Company

Cole Coffee

Cole Coffee shops is a staple in the Rockridge neighborhood of North Oakland. They’ve been roasting and making coffee beans for more than 27 years. The shop is small which is a tense environment on the busy College Avenue mornings. It’s well-appointed with comfy seating and outdoor seating that allow you to experience the diversity of the region. Cole’s is a great alternative to the Peet’s and Starbucks and. Typically they’re less crowded and the coffee you’ll be glad you have tried.

Cole Coffee

City Light’s Cafe coffee Shops

City Light’s Cafe coffee Shops is the smallest parklet in the Cathedral of Christ the Light. It’s situated on the Cathedral plaza with an incredible views from Lake Merritt. City Light’s proudly serves Verve coffee and offers an outstanding food menu for breakfast as well as lunch. The Chicken Pesto Spiral, also known as a wrap, is perfect for an easy meal. The cafe is modern decor and plenty of outdoor seating.

city lite cofe coffee shops

Farley’s East

Coffee Shops Farley’s East is one of the shops that changed the dark Uptown Oakland area to the vibrant neighborhood it is that it is in the present. Farley’s East was the initial café in Oakland to create an outdoor park and provide an excellent urban outdoor space. Each month , the three different locations welcome non-profits to speak about their work and then donate profits to their efforts. Farley’s is open to patrons and artists who wish to chat and hang out over a tasty the coffee. It’s straightforward but it has the cozy atmosphere you would expect from your favorite coffee shop.

Farley's East coffee shop

Timeless Coffee

Timeless Coffee can be described as a tiny escape from the bustle and hustle on Piedmont Avenue. Rather than make a café that is noisy. Timeless wants its patrons to take pleasure in the small things in life. The in-house roaster makes some of the best coffees and espressos that you can order. Along with offering a fantastic hot cup of coffee Timeless provides a selection of mouthwatering meals and breakfast options and everything is 100 percent vegetarian. Timeless is the neighborhood cafe, where you can gather, relax the Oakland’s

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