Create Great Coffee Packaging: Color and Design Inspiration

Consumers associate three design elements with the brand: the color, logo, and brand name.After seeing it, a shopper takes a few seconds to form a new

Color choice on coffee packaging has the capacity to make or break a brand. After seeing it, a shopper takes a few seconds to form an opinion about a product. Consumers associate three design elements with the brand: the color, logo, and brand name.

Color is one of the most influential characteristics of coffee shops packaging in terms of customer behavior. It has the power to make people happy or sad, thrilled or calm, hungry or aggressive. 

Colors and color combinations have the ability to alter people’s perceptions of flavor, elicit emotions of security, and encourage them to make purchases.

Aside from that, customers have a significant sensitivity to color, whether consciously or subconsciously. According to marketing experts, color alone may elicit up to 90% of an emotional reaction, so you need to be careful how you apply it.

If there are issues, don’t dismiss them. Solve the problems one at a time until it’s all back to normal.


The color red is recognized by most as a sign of urgency. It is believed to induce an increase in blood pressure, breathing rate, and heart rate, thus causing high energy levels. 

Red stimulates metabolism, which is why restaurants promote it as a signal that foods are delicious since it acts as a trigger that makes you develop an appetite. In the case of coffee, this same characteristic has been unwittingly used to identify and advertise caffeine content, as well as to alert and excite individuals even before they taste it..


Blue evokes a feeling of peace and serenity. When the color surrounds people, they tend to feel more relaxed. Blue is a popular color for all types of businesses, not just because it offers a sense of confidence and reliability but also because of its professional, organized, and consistent tone. Social networking sites, financial firms, and political parties all benefit from it.

Many corporations and brands choose blue because it promotes feelings of trust, certainty, security, and dependable authority. The color blue, which is also the hue of the sky and the sea, connotes a connection to nature. Independence and seclusion, as well as creativity and commitment, are all sentiments that blue may evoke.


Yellow is a pleasant color that may help you capture people’s attention. It is brilliant, eye-catching, lively, and cheery. A mix of the warm orange tone and the vibrant golden color exudes a pleasant vitality that complements your brand. Brands that incorporate yellow in their branding demand our attention since that transmits a message: they want a piece of the high five coffee shops industry and will go to great lengths to get it. 

Yellow has a natural influence on buyers because specialized roasters don’t typically utilize it regularly. When your clients remember who you are from a distance, it enhances your targeting strategy, increasing brand awareness by up to 80%.


 It generates a beautiful picture with gold, making the products feel rare to people who purchase them.

Black is a hue that adds style and elegance to many types of designs. When combined with other colors, it can be a powerful tool. An item of apparel in black will almost certainly have a really trendy appeal.


Even as the concept of sustainability grows increasingly popular in the media, many businesses are attempting to keep up by gradually modifying their branding to match this growing concern… McDonald’s is a notable example of this, having replaced their usual red and yellow storefronts with green in most of their locations. 

Several big firms have already integrated the color green into their branding by adopting environmentally friendly products. 

Choose Colors That Match What You Want to Convey and Accomplish

Selecting a suitable color for your coffee bags is a task, but it is also a lot of fun! Since particular colors can positively influence some markets while negatively impacting others, it’s crucial to understand how consumers react to different colors before deciding on one for your unique coffee packaging.

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