Creative Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Products

After creating the product, the next difficult task is launching and promoting it. It also needs hard work. Even if you have a good product but if you don’t market it properly then you will miss many opportunities or may end up losing customers and sales.

You have to grab the attention of your target audience especially if you are launching a new product. Instead of relying on typical marketing ways try to use creative and latest ideas. There are many online tools that will also help you in marketing. Like Doratoon shows you the way to indulge animation in your marketing.

The given article offers you to find out some creative marketing ideas to promote your products effectively and efficiently.

1. Incorporate Animation In Your Marketing Strategy

Now animation has covered different areas of life and many developing industries are using features of animation to grow their business. Animated videos have the ability to make the viewers watch them and keep watching them.

You have different ways to add animation to your marketing strategies such as you can create animated advertisements, demo versions, or virtual invitations. You can even create an animated presentation to discuss your marketing plan with your colleagues.

Doratoon – make animation marketing videos

Doratoon is a user-friendly animation maker that lets you create professional marketing videos. On the official website of Doratoon, it offers a lot of ready-made templates to the users. The advanced features and variety of elements make it an incredible choice for marketers.

Making a marketing video with a template on Doratoon is like a child’s play. You just have to choose a template and then edit it to be personalised. It is very easy to use and even a layman can create marketing videos on it so you don’t have to pay an animator to just create an animated ad.

How to create a marketing video on Doratoon?

Tying knot to the above description, Doratoon offers a straightforward process to create any type of marketing video. All you need to do is follow the given steps:

Step 1. Visit the official website of Doratoon to create an account on it. To do so click on the sign-up button.

Step 2. After signing up click on the “workbench” option from the top menu.

Step 3. On the workbench tab, choose the “create” button present in the top left corner. It will directly take you to the main editing interface.

Step 4. Use top and left side options to create an amazing animation. When you are done click on the export button to save the video.

2.Email Marketing

A search has shown that almost 82% of consumers read emails from businesses and that 76% of email subscribers decided to buy products from email marketing messages.

Email marketing is a creative and new idea to connect with the world. Once you have the email addresses of your customers or other people then you can inform them about your product arrival or your new addition easily.

You can also run an email campaign about your new product and then may design it by a series of emails that lead up to the day of launch. Email marketing can also be used for email newsletter arrival for your customers.

3. Social Media Marketing

In the era of digital marketing social media marketing has a significant share. Now every person uses social media so you have the easiest way to access the customers. Additionally, it is considered a budget-friendly marketing idea, all you need to do is simply post.

To do so you just have to create your business account on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Then post there and on other related forums about your product. You can also run a social media contest to connect with a huge number of customers and followers for your product.

4. Collaboration

One of the best and easiest ways to promote your product is to let others market your business. You can collaborate with other businesses and they will promote your product and get new customers for you.

Collaboration with influencers can also be very helpful for the promotion of a new arrival. For instance, you can collaborate with a YouTuber or an Instagram celebrity and they will promote your product in front of their viewers and fans. Now for them, you may assign a discount code to gain more customers.

5. Special Introductory Offer

When you need to announce your new product or service, you should make it special by announcing some type of introductory deal. You can choose any type of deal such as you may announce a discount on all the products for the initial days or reduce the rate bundle or package on buying something.

You can also give a voucher or coupon with the purchase. Aur canons buy one get one free deal or just simply give free gifts for every referral. You can promote by joining a complementary business.

6. Organise Events

Events get customers excited about your service or a new product and they also allow you and your employees to get a chance to connect with your customers closely. You do not need to organise a big or fancy event.
Do something simple like an info session or open house on some specific locations that are related to your product or service like salons, studios, or retail stores.

During the pandemic times, virtual events have taken a lot of share among marketing tools. By conducting a virtual event you can connect with more audience and also this idea will not damage your budget.


When it comes to promoting a product or a service then you have endless options but it can be difficult to find effective and budget-friendly marketing ideas. The given article offers you different creative marketing ideas such as creating animated ads or virtual invitations by using Doratoon.

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