Different Types Of Hair Extensions

Every individual has different expectations from a hair extension. For some, long-lasting extensions are essential. Others prefer to install and remove extensions whenever they feel like it. For some, cost takes precedence over all other factors. Others aren’t concerned about what they’re paying as long as it is of top quality. For this reason, when selecting extensions hair, you need to assess your own personal preferences first.

How are hair extensions made?

Natural human hair extensions are made from real human hair gathered from a donor. Remy’s hair will have all of its cuticles intact, running in the same direction. Thus, the extensions do not tangle and remain silky and smooth throughout their lifetime.

Types of hair extensions based on their application

Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-ins are temporary hair extensions that serve as an easy and convenient option for enhancing your hair look. Using them is the fastest and safest way to achieve longer and thicker hair without committing to permanent extensions. They are typically attached with sewn clips to a base weft. They are a perfect solution for anyone who wants to show off their natural hair visually healthy.

Hand-tied hair extensions

In hand-tied wefts, the hair ends are joined together and then manually woven to prevent the strands from falling out. They are popular because of being thinner than those manufactured by machines, thus making them easier to conceal.

Those anxious about their extensions showing or having thinner hair will benefit from these extensions, as they are not as evident to the eye. Additionally, the threads will be more tightly woven into the weft, so they will not unravel or shred as quickly.

Ponytail hair extensions

Extensions for ponytails are designed to give your ponytail more depth and length. The result is a healthy-looking, voluminous, bouncy ponytail that feels and looks great. You can use the thicker and longer ponytail extension when creating other looks, such as a bun or braid.

Types of hair extensions based on usage

Temporary hair extensions

These extensions for hair are temporary because you can only wear them for a limited period of time. Since they’re easy to attach and remove, these hair extensions have become increasingly popular. It is a good option for people on a budget who might not be able to afford a salon visit.

Semi-permanent hair extensions

Unlike temporary extensions, semi-permanent ones are longer lasting. They are preferable for those who are always busy since they do not have time to apply and remove them.

In general, semi-permanent hair extensions should last between four and eight weeks, though the exact length of time will depend on the individual, the kind of extensions, their care, and quality.


Hair extensions are quite a buzz nowadays because they are much more affordable and less damaging to hair than various hair treatments. Hopefully, now you are aware of different types of hair extensions. Before deciding, consider the pros and cons of a particular type of extension, your hair type, and your goals.


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