Do overseas Pakistanis Require a Nadra Divorce Certificate in Pakistan

Do overseas Pakistanis require a Nadra Divorce certificate in Pakistan?

Many Pakistanis have a question about whether they need a Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan after getting divorced. The answer is yes; they will have to get Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan when they get a divorce. Here, let me clear this fact that you will have to obtain a valid Divorce certificate from Pakistan until and unless you have Pakistani citizenship. This Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan will be required until you have Pakistani citizenship and when you are of Pakistani origin, and your database exists in the Pakistani Nadra database.

Nada Record:

Nadra has to maintain the record of each Pakistanis, and for this purpose, they require the exact entry of all it’s a citizen. Marriage, birth, death, and divorce all such entries are correctly maintained by Nadra. Even when a foreign national gets married in Pakistan, the Nadra keeps its record, and when such foreign national gets divorce somewhere out of Pakistan. Even then, Pakistani law requires that such divorce be registered in Pakistan; therefore, a Divorce certificate from Pakistan will also be necessary for those people.

Family Lawyer:

Advocate Nazia is a very famous family lawyer in Lahore. In her interview says that every country has its law. The divorce procedure in all the countries is as their laws. When an overseas Pakistani files a divorce in Pakistan, he gets a divorce certificate as per Pakistani law. When a Pakistani gets a divorce in some other country as per the law of that country, he or she thinks that they are done with the divorce procedure, which creates complications in the future, especially in cases of inheritance in the future. The ignorance of Pakistani law of a party is suffered by their children when sudden after the death of a wealthy spouse many wives of husbands pop up claiming their share in properties. So better in case of divorce, whether they are Pakistani or those foreign nationals whose marriage are registered in Pakistan. It is better to speak to a lawyer at once so that they may not face any legal issues in the future.

Overseas Pakistani – Divorce Certificate:

Does advocate Nazia say that some of the overseas Pakistani ask why they have to get a Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan when they have got a valid divorce following the divorce proceedings of such country where they are currently residing? The answer is that they have complied with the legal procedure of that country where they live but not the law of Pakistan, which also has their record. If someone doesn’t get a divorce certificate from the national database, how come the government will know that they are now divorced. Suppose the Pakistani government has kept the record of a particular person or a particular marriage.

In that case, such a person must get his record updated through the Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan. The government has no such mechanism to know that now you are married or divorced until someone informs the government through this government divorce certificate in Pakistan. Nazia Law Associated can also be contacted if someone needs this divorce certificate in Pakistan.



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