Don’t Miss the thing – Boost Your Online Business Website With Dedicated Server Hosting


You do not have to struggle to boost your online business performance when you host it on the right web hosting server. Although there are numerous web hosting solutions available in the market. 

However, the Dedicated Server Singapore has been the ultimate web hosting solution. It is highly recognized for eliminating all the constraints and limitations that can come up with other web hosting services. 

In this article, you are going to get detailed insights into the best-dedicated server. Let us begin with understanding the working and privileges of the dedicated server.  More visit: web scraping project

How does Dedicated Server work for Your online Business Website?

With the Singapore Dedicated Server hosting, you get complete access to your hosting server. Unlike shared hosting, you do not have to share any resource as well as space with any other website. 

You obtain the server administrative privileges and can run your Dedicated Server as per your hosting purposes and requirements. This implies that a Dedicated Server Singapore provides you great flexibility needed to host your online business efficiently and successfully. 

Why Dedicated Servers Are Must For Online website?

This section incorporates the benefits and privileges of the dedicated server. They will enable you to know the significance of Dedicated Server hosting. Get a glimpse of them!

Dedicated resources

Singapore Dedicated Server hosting provides high availability of resources. You get dedicated resources with your server. Also, you acquire the possibility to scale them up as and when necessary. 

Root Access

You can obtain the root access control of your Dedicated Server Singapore. This gives you the right to make required configuration settings and customize the entire server as per your web business necessities. 

Robust Security

The Dedicated Server brings in a private, autonomous, and isolated web hosting environment. This helps you ensure and maintain your web business data security with utmost ease. You also get the chance to append as many security measures as needed. 

Better SEO ranking

With Dedicated Server hosting, your business website becomes capable of obtaining the highest uptime network, high-speed performance, faster loading time, and uninterrupted operations. This facilitates the search engines to provide the best possible SEO ranking to your website. 

Advantages of Dedicated Server By Serverwala 

Serverwala is a well-established and industry-leading web hosting company famous for providing the cheapest Dedicated Server in Singapore with high-quality services and facilities. 

The company renders the robust hardware tools running on the latest and advanced technologies. This provides huge support in keeping the performance of the website smooth and hassle-free. 

Moreover, the company’s Dedicated Server Singapore comes with enterprise-grade hardware and consistent network connectivity. Following mentioned are some of the significant advantages that you can acquire with Serverwala’s Dedicated Server –

Premium Bandwidth

The company provides the bare-metal dedicated servers with the

Our Bare Metal Servers come with the fastest network connectivity and access to unlimited bandwidth. Further, your business website can experience from 100 MBPS to GBPS bandwidth.

Advanced Data Protection

Your business website acquires data encryption, DDoS protection, malware scan & protection, in-built antivirus software, and other advanced security measures against all the security threats. 

Service Level Agreement

With Serverwala’s best Dedicated Server Singapore, you get a service level agreement that ensures 99.90% uptime, a robust network integrated among the multiple Internet Exchanges, free IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, and secure channels. 

SSH root control

Serverwala provides SSH root control of your server to you. With the root access, you can easily make the configuration settings and do customization on your own without any interference. 

Additional Services

With the Serverwala dedicated server, you get a lot of additional services such as Hardware RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) support, client administration software, 10GBPS virtual LAN subnets, etc. 

What opinion do People have about Dedicated Server 

Knowing about the review or feedback of the Dedicated Server from the people who have utilized the same helps you acquire insightful details. 

You can get knowledge of whether the Dedicated Server hosting plan from a specific company will be worth your money and time or not. Also, you get to learn about the web hosting company’s integrity. 

Thus, here we have provided the customer feedback on Serverwala’s cheap Dedicated Server Singapore. 

Price and Packages 

Serverwala web hosting company has designed a broad spectrum of varied Dedicated Server hosting plans and packages to meet the requirements of every sort of online business. Each Dedicated Server Singapore plan and package comes with 24/7/365 technical and customer service support via experienced experts. 

Further, you can opt for either managed or unmanaged web hosting service from the company with a Dedicated Server in Singapore. The managed Dedicated Server web hosting service is your choice if you cannot or do not wish to run and handle the entire server on your own. 

This is because the Dedicated Server comes with a huge responsibility and requires good relevant proficiency to operate it. 


Dedicated Server Singapore is the ideal choice for resource-hungry applications, high-demanding websites, reseller hosting businesses, and hosting multiple websites. 

Also, if your aim is to advance your online business or grow your web business at a fast pace, pick the best Dedicated Server in Singapore right away. 

As discussed, Serverwala web hosting renders the leading Dedicated Server with high-grade services and facilities at the most affordable rates. 

You can browse the company’s official website to obtain further detailed knowledge about the same or directly reach out to the company’s professionals over the favored communication medium. 

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