Do Real Estate Agents Still Knock Doors?

When it comes to real estate marketing and lead generation, reaching out to the customers’ doors might be an old promotion tactic but it is still one of the most effective ones. The ways of promoting a product or service will keep on changing with various factors.

Nonetheless, door knocking in real estate is still widespread and contributes significantly to lead generation. The process involves deep research about the houses in the target areas and informing potential customers about the services.

Is Knocking Doors Still Effective in 2022?

Considering the massive competition in the market, the chances of a regular advertisement being overshadowed are high. The brightest of the hoardings can lose their light amidst the pool of ads. Real estate agents still rely on door-knocking mechanisms to build strong customer relationships.

Here are a few reasons why knocking on gates is still in vogue.

People Ignore Ads

With people spending 4-5 hours of the day on cell phones, digital advertisement has been a popular trend. However, people have turned hard-hearted towards social media ads. They have developed a reflex to skip them and continue their work.

In such a scenario, direct individual-to-individual marketing can help a real estate firm stand out in the eyes of prospective clients. It brings the agents in direct contact with the customers and helps in generating potential leads.

Presents Actual Market Scenario

The most significant advantage of door-knocking in real estate is that it gives an actual market picture. Since the agents directly speak with the customers, they are able to understand their needs and demands better. They have a clearer picture of what kind of properties customers are looking for. This also helps track the success and failures of the activity.

Door Knocking Script

A door-knocking script is a piece of detailed information focusing on the agent’s dialogues. The script has got everything from the introduction to how to start a conversation. As per the script, an agent must begin by introducing their name and organization. There are various types of scripts depending on the situation.

When the decision-maker of the house opens the gate, the script has to be very powerful.

  • When the decision-maker of the house opens the gate, the script has to be very powerful. Here, the agent has a chance to gain a client. In this case, it is advisable to begin by giving a compliment and taking the discussion further.
  • Next comes the script that must be used when the person answering the door is not the decision-maker of the household. In such an instance, the agent begins by asking about their relationship with the decision-maker. If the decision-maker is absent, greet the available person and provide them with a visiting card or a gift.
  • There are also instances when no one opens the gate. In this case, the agent can consider leaving behind brochures, pamphlets, visiting cards, etc. in front of the door, and hope the owner takes a look when they get back home from work.


Knocking doors is not the only marketing strategy to be followed. However, incorporating it along with other means of promotion can be highly effective. It can be an excellent method to construct a more robust network of prospective clients, who may need your services some time in the future, even if not immediately.

However, for it to be effective, the agents must have a plan ready to approach the customers. They must research well before formulating a course of action. The research will help understand which doors are to be knocked on for a positive outcome. The agents must also carry brochures and visiting cards at all times, as it is important to give prospective clients a way to get in touch with you after your visit.

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