Elliptical Benefits: 5 Reasons to Use This Cardio Machine

Each exercise machine has a specific target, that’s why before starting your fitness work out know what your body needs. This way you know what exercise equipment to use especially if you plan to have a home gym. Elliptical can be a good exercise machine since it can be advantageous for all your body needs. Try out the Octane elliptical from Fitness Expo Stores if you plan to buy one so you can feel the effect on your body. 

Why you should use Elliptical Cardio Machine

1. Boosts your stamina and cardio capacity

Using the elliptical for 20 to 30 minutes can increase your heart rate and then strengthen your heart muscles. By doing so you can increase your cardio capacity. It can also boost your stamina since it can help in helping the lungs and heart work hard to pump oxygen into the body. Being consistent with your elliptical workouts can give a long time positive effect on your stamina. 

2. Burns a lot of calories

Most people exercise to burn off those excess fats and maintain their body shape as well as body wellness. By using elliptical you can burn off those fats, you can actually burn 150-400 calories in 30 minutes. However, always consider your present weight and elliptical speed since these factors can tell how many calories can be burned. When using elliptical the exertion level is low therefore you can still do other calorie-burning exercises.

3. Puts less stress on your joints

When doing exercises the joints should not be pressured too much, especially for people with musculoskeletal conditions like back pain, hip or knee pain, and other conditions such as arthritis. Ellipticals can be good for people who want to attain the effects that ellipticals can give without putting their conditions at risk. 

4. Serves as both an upper and lower body workout

Elliptical can target the biceps, lower belly, deltoids, lats, hips, triceps, and thighs, therefore offering a full-body workout. Elliptical are perfect to tone your whole body without moving from one exercise machine to another, instead just work out on your elliptical and you can have a whole body workout. 

5. Burns body fat

The way to get thin and toned is to remove the excess fat in your body and you can attain this by using ellipticals. The calories that you burn when using ellipticals can burn higher fat cells in your body faster compared to when using other exercise machines.  

Other Effects of Elliptical in the body 

Lowers High blood pressure

Good to know that there are exercise machines that can lower the high blood pressure in the body and one of these is the elliptical. 5 minutes of workout on the elliptical can help you have less stress in your body. Upon doing the exercise our body releases serotonin which is responsible for lowering your blood pressure. 

Balance and mobility are improved

As you use the ellipticals it can help you improve your balance and mobility. Having a good balance and mobility can avoid you from getting accidents such as falls which can result in injury. By having good flexibility you can easily balance your body in conditions where it is needed. 

Aids in Decreasing chronic inflammation 

Some low-grade inflammation is caused by a sedentary lifestyle leading to gaining weight, by using the elliptical you can burn calories and makes your body more active, therefore helping you to maintain your weight. This can avoid you from getting chronic inflammation in your body. 

Improvement in Blood Circulation 

Using the elliptical can help you improve your blood circulation, therefore, making the flow of oxygen in your body smooth. Having enough oxygen in your body makes your overall health better.   

Consider using the elliptical whether in a public gym or home gym since this exercise machine can give you a lot of benefits and they can help you have a whole body workout without having to use several exercise machines. However, make sure to get a recommendation from your physician and fitness coach to know your restriction and if they can recommend an elliptical for your workout. This way you can have a safer and more effective workout routine and attain your health and wellness goal.  

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