8 Common Packaging Line Mistakes to Avoid

If you address potential issues such as a lack of redundancy End of line packaging automation, insufficient labor input. Insufficient magazine capacity, and insufficient cybersecurity. Your automated secondary packaging process will run much more easily.
Automation has the potential to benefit our planet. If we let it to Investing in secondary packing machinery can improve performance. While also providing workers with the opportunity to retrain for more lucrative positions.
If you want to automate your End of line packaging automation line in order to save both time and money, avoid the dangers listed below.

There is no redundancy

The cost of automated packaging equipment is high. It is possible to save money on Day One by not acquiring spare equipment or parts. Failures of equipment at inconvenient times could convert this into an expensive mistake.
When you’re in a hurry, hand tape boxes together. Moving heavy loads and printing packing labels takes longer or is impossible in some circumstances. read also: plastic extrusion
Intelligent redundancies should be include to any system that does not have a simple manual failover protocol. If something unexpected happens, you can quickly swap to backup equipment, and the machines are equipper with casters to allow them to be move around more easily.

Excessive attention to detail in the packaging design

It is possible that you may need to rethink your product packaging in order to get the most of your automated packaging equipment.
It makes no difference whether your products are package in their own packaging or whether they require an exterior box or envelope. Employees handling, folding, or molding each unit before it is package negates the purpose of automated machinery and increases the risk of errors.
Over flashiness and complication, packaging should place a strong emphasis on simplicity and long-term viability.

Making use of small publications as a source of information

Containers, tape, padding, and labels are examples of consumables that may be use by your packing line. Remember that when you automate operations, you should keep the number of daily interventions by your employees to an absolute bare minimum.
When it comes to periodicals, go with the largest size possible. Reduced refilling pauses save time while also assisting in the maintenance of routine procedures.

Failure to take into account operational speed

A different duty time is assigne to each piece of automated packing equipment. Even seemingly simple actions, such as printing a packing slip, can take a significant amount of time. Accumulation or the placement of slower automated processes at the end of the line can be use to compensate for these discrepancies.
While the boxes are being built and the dunnage is being packaged, the printer is preparing the packing slip. Any reputable firm should be able to assist you in fine-tuning your computer synchronization.

There is a lack of feedback from frontline workers

Automation is not a magical wand. The ability to do so under the correct circumstances is a tremendous asset, but it does come with a drawback. Above all, End of line packaging automation must be tailor to the specific requirements of the facility and team. There will be some enticing one-size-fits-all automation offers on the table. It is important to remember that no two facilities are alike.
Solicit direct feedback from front-line employees to learn how different commodities might be use to support operations. In the same way, your chosen provider should be willing to collaborate with you in order to identify the most suited system.
All stakeholders must work together to coordinate and regulate their procedures in order for a project of this magnitude to be complete successfully.

There is no system for dealing with exceptions

It does not matter how automated or well-designed a packing process is, it is not immune to anomalies. When something goes wrong, a large number of parcels are throw out. Orders that are incomplete, have bar codes that are not scannable, or are damage must be address as soon as possible.
Automatic packaging must include spaces for returned goods as well as spots where individuals may provide immediate assistance. While automation, in general, takes care of itself, failing to plan for interruptions and breakdowns that are specific to a certain industry is a mistake.

Making the assumption that cyber security is a foregone conclusion

According to Trend Micro’s Mark Nunnikhoven, “the industrial robot is not yet ready for the rest of society.” It’s possible that he’s correct. Cybercriminals are interest in supply chains, transportation, and third-party logistics, among other things.
Automation helps to enhance packing and manufacturing processes, but industrial equipment is frequently not secure against cyberattacks. The evidence of malicious behavior was discover in over half of the industrial control systems that were examine in the year 2018.
Industry 4.0 is characterize by the convergence of Big Data, automation, and machine intelligence in one environment. Despite the fact that packaging appears to be straightforward, it is a vital component of a well-organized warehouse or factory. In this environment, bad actors can exploit any weak link to conduct ransomware attacks, distributed denial of service attacks, or even physical attacks on industrial facilities.


Putting the wagon in front of the horse

It’s important to remember that this technology provides more than just incremental efficiency improvements. Consider automation to be a commercial force in its own right. It can increase customer satisfaction by shortening response times and reducing fulfilment errors, while also saving you and your workers money on administrative costs.
End of line packaging automation
End of line packaging automation

Are you planning to automate? Make sure you do it correctly

Keep in mind that you should not put all of your automation eggs in one basket. A packing line, like a business, is more than the sum of its parts. One process rather than numerous processes will ensure that money spent wisely and efficiently.
This technology gives more than just incremental efficiency increases, and it’s vital to remember this when discussing it. Automated systems are consider to be a commercial force in their own right. In addition to increasing customer happiness by cutting response times and reducing fulfilment errors, it can save you and your employees money by reducing administrative costs.

Do you have any plans to automate?

Make certain that you complete it accurately. Recall that you shouldn’t rely on a single piece of automation to solve all of your problems. When it comes to packing lines, they are more than the sum of their parts, just as businesses are more than the sum of their parts. Money will spent more wisely and efficiently. When a single process is use rather than a number of procedures Videojet inkjet printer in pakistan.
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