Essential questions related to brace treatment in Winnipeg

In a survey conducted in a senior housing center in Winnipeg, about 68% of the people put dental treatment as a high priority. These included issues like teeth overcrowding and misalignment, closing wide gaps, and fixing improper bites.

Braces are the traditional and most effective way of treating various teeth issues. The city of Winnipeg has a noticeable number of kids and teenagers who wear braces. As it improves the position of their teeth and enhances their self-esteem.

If you have visibly crooked or crowded teeth, you should get braces in Winnipeg from a good orthodontist who will give you the desired results. They should inform you about every detail, from the cost to the procedure.

In the meantime, here are some details related to the treatment you will find helpful.

What types of braces can you choose from?

Braces are popular amongst children in Winnipeg for many reasons, one of which is the different styles they are available in. For example, metal, clear, ceramic, hidden or lingual.

Ceramic braces match your teeth’s colour, making it difficult for people to notice if you’re wearing one. Hidden or lingual is a good option because they sit behind the teeth instead of the front.

Should you get them only to look good?

Besides improving your smile and confidence, they also fulfill various functional purposes.

They improve jaw alignment, prevent cavities formed by crooked or overcrowded teeth, and improve the health of the gums. If you have problems while biting and chewing, they help solve those too.

Do they come in just one colour?

Although most adults in Winnipeg wear metal-coloured braces, kids can choose from various colours like dark blue, pink, orange, bronze, and subdued red.

Once you decide on a colour, your dentist will add an elastic of the same colour around the braces to give them the look you want. They will change the elastic at every appointment while maintaining the colour.

Is the treatment painful?

Getting braces can be a little painful, but not anything that will cause extreme discomfort. Most patients feel a sharp pinch when the dentist tightens the wires.

However, some clinics in Winnipeg have a unique technology that doesn’t involve tightening the wires. They use a series of wires to efficiently and comfortably move the teeth to the desired position without the slightest pain or discomfort.

How much do they cost?

While conventional braces cost around 3,000 CAD in Winnipeg, the prices can go as high as 7,000 CAD, with the average price of 5,000 CAD. However, the specific cost depends on duration, tooth location, and treatment duration.

A few dental clinics also provide the assignable orthodontic coverage option, saving you the hassle of making large payments and filling complex forms. They also accept small down payments and interest-free monthly payments.

How to choose a dentist?

You could check if they provide a virtual consultation option because you will find that helpful when you cannot visit the dentist in person. You should ask them what kind of braces they have and the specific costs?

Do they have sufficient experience, and are their clients satisfied with the results? It’s a good idea to visit their website and read the testimonials.

You should consider getting braces in Winnipeg from an experienced dentist who provides desirable results using the latest technology. They will enhance your appearance, improve your jawline, increase the biting power, and benefit you in many other ways.

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