Explains briefly the differences between Cisco CCIE and CCDE

So, you want to make your career in IT industry. The two Cisco certifications CCIE and CCDE are the best options. Across the globe, both have great demand. Professionals who have any one of this certification, they will get high salaries. Employers across the globe look for the professionals who have these certifications. It is simple and easy to learn about these certifications. In the IT industry, both the certifications are highly significant. The majority of the people secure their career with these certifications. It is increases their demand in the job industry. Learn more about Cisco CCDE and CCIE certifications on the official source.

Overview CCIE

It is one of the most reputed networking certifications in the industry. This certification is famous for offering expertise in networking. The candidate will be master in networking since they learn it at the expert level of network engineering expertise. In the job industry, there is a great demand for this type of management. It increases ease for the candidates to get a good job. It is composed of 71 multiple choice questions and the duration of the exam is 120 minutes. Candidates need to gain 67% for passing the exam.

  1. Manage Order Promising Rules
  • Explain ATP rule promising modes
  • Manage order promising rules
  1. Collect Order Promising Reference and Transaction Data
  • Manage the order promising data store and engine
  • Explain staging table upload
  • Explain data collection methods (targeted collections, continuous collections)
  1. Define Order Promising
  • Manage profile options, sourcing rules, assignment sets and bill of distribution
  • Manage “organization details” in source systems
  1. Define Processing Constraints and Manage Hold Codes
  2. Managing External Interfaces
  3. Release and Deploy Orchestration Processes and Manage Orchestration Process Assignment Rules
  4. Planning and Jeopardy
  5. Define Orchestration – Change Management
  6. Define Orchestration _ Manage Statuses
  7. Define Orchestration _ Manage Orchestration Process Definitions
  8. Define Sales Order Fulfilment – Define Transformation Details
  9. Orchestration Source Systems and Orchestration Collected Data
  10. Common Order Orchestration Configuration
  11. Common Applications Orchestration for Order Orchestration
  12. Fusion Functional Set up Manager
  13. Distributed Order Orchestration Application Overview

Overview CCDE

In the networking industry, it is one of the most reliable and recognized certification. Cisco is a recognized vendor neutral network design. This is the best certification when it comes to design. Moreover, it is not just a Cisco certification. It covers troubleshooting and deployment.

It is an authentic certification for the professionals who process 10g Administrator Certified professional credentials or Cisco Database 9i for upgrading certification to 11g.

  1. Diagnosability Enhancements
  2. Using Flashback Features
  3. Backup and Recovery Enhancements
  4. Load and Unload Data
  5. Space Management and Partitioning
  6. Performance Enhancements
  7. Intelligent Infrastructure Enhancements
  8. SQL Tuning
  9. Security: New Features and Cisco SecureFiles
  10. Miscellaneous New Features
  11. Database Replay and Data Recovery Advisor
  12. SQL Performance Analyzer and SQL Plan Management
  13. Storage Enhancements
  14. Installation and Upgrade Enhancement

The Cisco Database 11g and New Features for 9i OCPS Exam consists of these sections. You need to look at more info. It is simple to access them online.