Four Ways You Can Fall for a CFD Trading Fraud

All About CFD Trading

Did the acronym take you back and make you wonder about its role and work? Well, EzChargeback is there to solve your problem, this article will briefly discuss CFD: its operations and how you can identify scams. 

CFD stands for a contract for differences, which purpose is to settle the trading cash of opening and closing trades. The physical goods are not traded in CFD like it does in other trading websites. It is considered to be a pretty well-known FX trading website. 

It has been a decade since CFD was first introduced. In the beginning, it was more regulated and less accessible for investors as it takes weeks to open an account on a CFD platform.  

Moreover, you had to do an excessive amount of paperwork and required a minimum of 100,000 pounds in your accounts. It requires high risk in investments. However, it has become very famous and more available for users as it does not require much of a hectic procedure in order to get yourself registered. Thus, this shift caused the majority of the audience to join the website with no registration or regulation. 

How does it work? 

Investors make bets regarding the rise and fall of commodities, the bet influences the decision of buying and selling. The one who thinks the price of the respective commodity will rise buys it. While the one who feels the price or value will fall, sell the product. The difference between buying and selling commodities will represent the loss or profit of the investor. Thus, this is called the net difference between the opening and closing trades, and CFD.

Scams On CFD Trading? 

The scammers or the scammed brokers use tactics and tricks to open a way for more trade from their end. The scammers use their convincing power and techniques in order to pursue the other client to lose their money or fund. The deliberate action of encouraging the other party to deposit funds creates an opportunity for them to trade more commodities. 

Four Ways You Can Fall for a CFD Trading Fraud 

Scammers use the most legitimate and highly factual information to pursue clients. EzChargeback has been working for long to reveal the traps set by brokers and scammers, so our clients would be protected from scams and frauds. Further, our primary purpose is to encourage and promote everyone’s safe and peaceful working space. 

Following are the four ways one could fall for the scam of CFD:

1.Unreasonable Offers

The primary job of brokers involves pursuing investors to work with them, therefore, they present several offers for their clients to choose and accept. Investors are more interested in offers that provide maximum benefit to them. Brokers being aware of their mindset, present offers like “1000% return”, “thrice return” or “no loss guarantee,” which make investors intrigued in the offer. However, such offers are unreasonable and illegitimate. How can one guarantee no loss in risky trading business? Thus, investors should be careful with such unreasonable offers, they are not to benefit you rather to benefit brokers, and scammers. 

2.No-Risk Scam

CFD is itself a risky platform of trading because of unpredictable rise and fall in the value of products and commodities. Further, brokers themselves are a risk because you hand over the trading power to them, their right decision will give you profit while the wrong will make you suffer. However, some brokers pursue the investors to work with them with an exceptionally unrealistic statement of “no risk involved”, the reasons they present are due to their knowledge and experience. They have worked long enough and always make the right decision. The investor gets convinced and falls into the trap set by the scammer 

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3.FCA Regulation

Since the beginning of CFD, the most common issue investors have encountered is fake brokers’ registration in the FCA register. When investors do research and try to figure out about the firm they are investing in, they find out that the firm is registered. However, in actuality the scammers using Cyprus get themselves registered, and that firm does not exist in reality. Therefore, merely checking the firm on the FCA regulation list is not adequate unless strict actions are taken against Cyprus and put an end to Cypiot actions and activities. 

4.Unnecessary Pressure

Most brokers create urgency and pressure you to immediately decide whether to open an account or deposit the funds. However, do not make any decision under pressure.

Moving Forward

CFD is a trading platform which requires risks, however, that does not mean it is not a legitimate trading platform. EzChargeback has covered all possible ways scammers can trap investors to accomplish their goal.

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