3 Things To Consider Before Getting Prefab Garage Kits

Those days are gone when garages used to be small and cramped spaces where you could only park your one car. Over the years, garages evolved into bigger versatile spaces that offer multiple uses besides an area for parking your car.

Ontario is one of the prominent provinces in Canada. It wouldn’t be surprising to know that in such a massive province, over 12 million cars were registered in Ontario in 2019. With such an enormous number of car owners, having a prefab garage Ontario isn’t a luxury but a necessity.

The prefab kit is easy to install and offers substantial usable space where you park multiple cars, trucks, heavy machinery, tools, etc. Modern prefab garage kits provide more space and ease of installation and are easy to scale with minimum damage to the existing structure.

If you are looking to buy one for yourself, here are three things you must consider before purchasing prefab garage kits.

1. Location

Prefab garage builders pre-engineer the garage in their workshops, so you don’t have to build it by yourself. You simply have to prepare the installation site where you want to set the garage. The pre-engineered garage parts are moved to your installation site and installed there within a few hours if the site is already prepared. But your location can increase the time and cost of transport.

Ontario covers a total area of 1,076,395 sq. km, making it vast. It comprises four major geographic regions: Canadian Shield, the Great Lakes Lowlands, the Hudson Bay Lowlands, and the St. Lawrence Lowlands. So, if you want to build your garage in Fort Severn, the garage builders must travel 1667 KM across the entire province of Ontario if they are based in Cleveland. It would substantially increase the transport cost. Therefore if you plan to build a prefab garage Ontario, you must consider your location and choose a local service provider.

2. Cost and time of installation

Developing the garage installation site takes less time and cost than building a traditional garage. You need to build a stone or concrete base that will act as your garage’s foundation.

Prefab garages are way more cost-effective than traditional stick-built garages. The garage builders have access to state-of-the-art workshops and high-tech tools and machinery, which allows them to engineer the garage kits faster and at a lesser cost due to low waste material. The traditional garage requires a lot of time, labour and time to transport the material to the site and build the garage from scratch.

3. Build Quality

The build quality makes a lot of difference in the longevity of your garage. You don’t want to deal with repair and maintenance if the garage is made of high-strength material like steel.

Prefab metal garages are made with high tensile steel that can withstand heavy rainfall, fast winds and extreme heat. They also offer adequate protection against natural calamities like hurricanes and blizzards. Your vehicles, machinery, tools and other things you store in the garage stay safe from the elements. Remember to check the steel quality so you can be assured that you got the best deal.

Building a scalable steel garage is easier than ever, thanks to prefab garage kits. You can use these garage spaces based on your needs and preferences. Many owners use them for multiple uses, such as a storage solution to store their cars, motorcycles and a workshop to work on their dream projects. Remember to consider these factors to get the best bang for your bucks.

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