What are some good open sources for React Js projects?

If you’re new to learning React and need a few reference projects, you’ve come to the right place. The React open-source project helps you better understand how everything works and write better code. Introducing ReactJS applications such as content management, task management, iTunes app, Google Maps, etc. It shows how ReactJS works for various use cases.

Evergreen: Evergreen includes a sophisticated set of out-of-the-box React components. These components are built on React UI primitives for unlimited composability. Evergreen provides a user interface design language for enterprise web applications.

React spring: React-spring is a physics animation library for spring. This library presents a modern approach to animation. It inherits powerful animation tweens, performance, and easy-to-use responsive motion.

Good open-source project

To know which open source projects you should be spending your time on, you need to understand which one is the best.

Even if you add small features to your project, you need to understand how the whole project/library/plugin works. So first point: Your project needs good documentation. All dependencies must be properly described. Popular high-quality open source solutions always have good documentation. It’s a good indicator of the quality and support you can expect from the community.

The next thing to note is whether the tasks related to the problem are properly organized. See general questions. How many significant issues does the project have? How fast do they close?

Discover the community. It is one of the greatest resources available for open source projects. A vibrant community always helps drive the project forward. Great open-source software provides a community of active developers or users who write and test code and provide support to others. Choosing software with great community support will always help you if you run into any future issues. Great community support always comes in handy for any issues that may arise in the future.

When viewing a project on Github, I find people/packages with many stars, watchers, forks, contributors, etc. These visible signs of community support show that the community cares about this person, project or action and that many others will benefit.

Remember that the number of commits, issues, and pull requests (PR) can be a sign of investment and commitment to your project. Google Trends is a good measure of your level of interest in projects and technologies.

Best React open-source project

Over the past few years, React has become a very popular JavaScript library and developer ecosystem. Most of the templates are created with React (all free React templates from Flat logic are on their official website).

1. React Bootstrap

React bootstrap replaces Bootstrap javascript. All components are built from scratch with no unnecessary dependencies like jQuery and are true React components.

React Bootstrap relies entirely on the Bootstrap style sheet to work with thousands of Bootstrap themes you already love. Each component is implemented with accessibility in mind. The result is a set of components that you can access natively rather than just a bootstrap.

React-Bootstrap is a complete rebuild of Bootstrap components using React. It doesn’t depend on bootstrap.js or jQuery.

2. Evergreen

Evergreen is Segment.com’s UI framework built on top of React web and application. This framework is used in the many ReactJs development services provider companies. Evergreen includes a nice set of out-of-the-box React components out of the box. These components are built on React UI Primitives and allow unlimited configuration. Evergreen provides a user interface design language for enterprise web applications.

Evergreen’s Core Beliefs:

  • Evergreen is built on the belief that all future needs are unpredictable and can be prepared for them. Instead of creating a fixed configuration suitable for today, Evergreen pilots a building system that anticipates new and changing design requirements.
  • Evergreen is built on the belief that things should work right out of the box, with smart defaults and full control where needed. For example, Evergreen implements most of its components on top of the Box primitive, which allows for a lot of customization.
  • Evergreen is built on the belief that using and contributing to Evergreen should be an enjoyable experience. I favour documentation and all the tools for a solid developer experience. We encourage respect and inclusion in our writing and interactions.

3. React-spring

React-spring is Spring’s physics-based animation library. This library presents a modern approach to animation. It inherits the powerful interpolation and performance of animation and the ease of use of reaction motion.

React-spring is cross-platform and supports web, react-native, react-native-web, and almost every other platform. The size will eventually depend on the build chain and can decrease by shaking the tree. This library is an as module compiled for evergreen browsers.

4. Draft.js

Draft.js is a framework for building rich text editors in React, building on a common model to support cross-browser differences. Draft.js makes it easy to create any type of rich text input, even if you’re building a fancy text editor for writing long articles only with support for inline text styles. In Draft.js, everything is customizable. It consists of building blocks, giving you full control over the user interface.

This app is ideal for React apps that use the familiar declarative API to handle the details of rendering, selection, and input behaviour. The Draft.js template is built with immutable js to provide an API with feature state updates and actively leverages data persistence for scalable memory usage.

5. Watermelon database

Watermelon DB is a high-performance responsive database for powerful React and React Native applications. It is optimized for building complex applications in React, and real performance is the primary focus. Watermelon DB will not load anything unless requested. Additionally, all queries are executed directly against the robust SQLite database on individual native threads, so most queries are resolved immediately.

However, unlike using SQLite directly, Watermelon is completely observable. So whenever you modify a record, all dependent UIs are automatically rendered. For example, when a task application completes a task, the task component, list (sort), and all associated task counters are rendered.


ReactJS can be confusing for beginners who have completed the React tutorial and are just starting to use React in real projects. There are several open-source projects as references to help you write better code. We researched and found the above open-source React js projects will be helpful for you

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