A guide for students to submit plagiarism free work

Plagiarism can be troublesome for a student, so experts recommend that one ensure that their work is free of all sorts of duplication before submitting it. Plagiarism is the intentional or unintentional duplication of work that has already been published on the web by another author. Plagiarism can easily be found in students’ assignments, papers, and essays. This is because their work is usually dependent on certain research material. So there is always a chance that the new academic draft would have some similarities with its parent source.

Now you must know that if your work is found to have plagiarism in it, it can easily get rejected, result in negative marking, get you an F grade, and in worst-case scenarios, get you expelled from the school. There are many negative consequences and monetary damages that you can face because of plagiarism. You need to ensure that your work is 100% unique.

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How can students prevent plagiarism in their work?

Here we have discussed some of the best ways to keep your work unique and free of both intentional and unintentional traces of duplications.

Keep track of your reference sources and always cite

An important thing that you need to know is that citations are important if you want to prevent plagiarism. Citation is the process of paying credits/attributes to the original author from whom you are borrowing ideas or content. When you add proper citations at the end of your assignment or paper, you can easily show your honest intentions and tell the readers the origin of your ideas. Here you must know that you should only cite the courses that belong to one author or source. You don’t have to cite common knowledge.

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Use quotation technique while using direct words

When writing a paper or assignment, you must use quotations. Using quotation marks around the sentences or phrases that you are directly using from another writer can help you prevent any accusations of plagiarism. The quoted content must be attributed to the original writer or author. You must know that you cannot quote content anywhere you want and get away with it. Quotations are only accepted when you use exact definitions or don’t want to compromise the original text’s meaning, hence using the same words.

How to check whether your academic work is unique?

Citations are quotations that can surely help you avoid plagiarism accusations. However, still, you must find out whether the rest of your work is original or not. This is mainly because today, thousands of writers across the globe are working in similar niches, which means your work can be accused of duplication even if you haven’t consulted that source.

There was no accurate and reliable way of checking work for plagiarism in the past. Still, today things have become much more advanced. Today you have online tools that can help you check your work for plagiarism.

Use an online plagiarism checker

An online plagiarism checker can help you scan your work for duplicates. You can find dozens of plagiarism tools on the web today. These tools can help you scan your work for intentional and unintentional traces of duplication.

Whenever you want to check plagiarism in your work, you have to open the plagiarism scanner on your browser and insert the suspicious text into it. A plagiarism tool can accept raw text, document files, and also complete website URLs as input. You have to insert the input data in the tool and click on the check plagiarism button. It will take a few seconds to check for plagiarism in your work and highlight plagiarism.

How to get rid of duplication in your content?

If the plagiarism checker finds duplication in your content, you must eliminate it before submitting it to your teachers. Because of modern tech and tools, getting rid of duplication is very easy today.

Today you can remove plagiarism by using an online paraphrasing tool. You have to open a sentence changer on your browser and enter the duplicate text in the input box. After entering the duplicate text, you need to click on the ‘paraphrase’ button. The tool would restate the duplicate content so that it would become unique. The meaning of the content would not be compromised.

Today you can use both plagiarism checkers and paraphrasing tools for free. You can prevent plagiarism in your academic content for free and without much effort. So always ensure uniqueness in your work before submitting it to the higher authorities.

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