Here’s Why People Believe Exercise Can Help Them Grow Their Personality

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Movement is a key factor in this all-encompassing state of well-being. But the modern lifestyle often leaves little room for physical activity.

Do you still lack the motivation to exercise regularly? Here you will find strong appetizers and convincing arguments:

10 good reasons for regular exercise

  1. Sport makes you strong: when you move, you build muscles and bones. This brings you strength and endurance.
  2. Sport makes you active: Your body absorbs ten times more oxygen during sport than when you are resting. The vital molecule supplies your organs with new energy, your metabolism is boosted, and your blood circulation improves. Your cells burn fat and excrete breakdown products faster.
  3. Sport makes you smart: Your brain also gets an extra portion of oxygen. It releases more of the creativity hormone. This hormone lowers blood pressure, awakens the mind, and improves focus and thinking.
  4. Sport makes you happy: Endorphins, the body’s famous “happy hormones”, circulate in large quantities in your organism during sport. A plus in serotonin makes you alert and puts you in a good mood.
  5. Sport kills your stress hormones: For example, adrenaline, cortisol and noradrenaline, hormones that can cause you tremendous problems, are broken down more quickly: your body and soul relax.
  6. Sport tightens your contours: Increased muscle build-up and fat loss reduce rolls of fat. Your body contours become “more differentiated” and firmer. On the one hand, you can eat more due to the increased calorie consumption, and on the other hand, exercise also stops the feeling of hunger and appetite after a while.
  7. Sport makes you attractive: Thanks to good blood circulation, your skin becomes fresher and smoother. You gain in charisma.
  8. Sport gives you immune power: It gets your body’s defences going, and your immune system forms significantly more killer cells that keep pathogens in check and protect the organism from infections.
  9. Sport keeps you young: Your glands are stimulated and release important age-protecting substances, especially growth hormones and sex hormones. You can turn back your biological clock a few years with regular exercise.
  10. Sport makes you sexy: Even your love life benefits from regular exercise. New studies show that there is an increased flow of sex hormones that whet the appetite for sex. American scientists have found that regular exercise makes you more sensual and gives wings to sex appeal.

A personal trainer can enhance the way you work out and help you attain new achievements every day. Here’s what a personal trainer can do for you.

Does sport curbs hunger?

Scientists don’t always agree on whether exercise stimulates or rather curbs the appetite. It’s probably because doctors often don’t know the difference between exercise and training. Every athlete knows that after an intense load, they are not hungry for a while. On the contrary: It is often difficult to eat something in the first few hours after strenuous training or competition. However, gentle exercise, such as a walk, can stimulate the appetite. So it’s a matter of dosing the physical activity.

Does sport contribute to a healthy life?

If done continuously, physical activity can be beneficial for health and the entire musculoskeletal system in various ways. Not only muscles, joints and bones benefit, but also the cardiovascular system, the immune system, psyche and spirit.

The benefits of regular exercise are obvious: It ensures a stable circulation, keeps the heart healthy, strengthens the immune system, blood vessels and bones, makes joints supple and promotes brain activity. Strengthened muscles also support the spine and burn more calories than fatty tissue, even at rest. Last but not least, regular exercise and endurance sports lift your spirits, release happiness hormones, have a beneficial effect on depression and reduce stress levels. This is necessary in today’s hectic times and reduces the risk of suffering from a stress-related illness.

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