How Do I Keep Up with Financial News?

Financial news can often be overwhelming. There’s a tremendous amount of financial news all over. If you are to keep up with the latest news at the very least, you might find yourself struggling to sort through them. Even if we drop half the news that’s out there, it’s still a daunting amount.

We just got to 2022, and needless to say, dependency on TV, newspaper, and magazines for financial news are at an all-time low nowadays. Many of us still follow these platforms for more clarity but, we can’t rely on them for the quickest news updates.

For getting up-to-date information faster and easier, you need to have some reliable financial news sources. Before that, you need to clearly understand how you should process and make better use of such information.

Understanding Financial News

The following discussion is about the best practices and tips for having a better understanding of financial news:

Make a Habit of Reading Through Financial Articles

There’s so much content available all over nowadays. Sometimes, it gets frustrating because of so many diverse opinions in all the content. You might not always agree with the different schools of thought.

But it’s a good idea and practice to read through the major content you come across even if you disagree. This enriches your knowledge base and gives you a newer perspective.

Reading Historical Data and Patterns

Nassim Taleb, the author of Black Swan, wrote, “To be completely cured of newspapers, spend a year reading the previous week’s newspapers.” Reading old news is often considered pointless. There’s so much new data, studies, and trends that going through the old seems impossible and a waste of time.

However, going through historical data, trends, and studies can provide unique perspectives and useful insights. Doing this allows you to make informed and experienced decisions and be able to interpret news with more finesse.

Don’t Be Quick to Judge; All Opinions Matter

You can find all sorts of content written by professional journalists, researchers, and amateur writers alike. The data, news, and opinions written by professionals tend to be more accurate. However, that doesn’t mean you should completely disregard what amateurs and newcomers have to say.

You might find unique gems of information, opinions, and perspectives from amateur content since they tend to be outside the box and unique. In other words, you may find wonderful things in the most unexpected of places.

Not All News is Actionable

Thousands of news articles get published every day. They might be written to grab your attention, but don’t let them compel or drive you to act. Economic reports, industry trade news, quarterly earnings, analyst upgrades barely provide any substantial or useful information to affect the decision to buy or sell.

Financial news should be able to add to your understanding of the bigger picture. If you read an article and find yourself making changes to your portfolio, do yourself a favour and read none or at least less of it.

How to Stay Updated with Financial News?

It’s better to be more discerning regarding the source of your financial news since these affect your finance and investment-related decisions.

Following are some best practices and tips for staying up to date on such information:

Online News Site Updates

Online news sites are good sources of recent and breaking news. They broadcast news from all sectors and topics. You just have to sort out the news according to your requirement. Also, you should carefully pick the source of your financial news and updates.

You can continuously keep checking the portals or websites for updated news. The prominent news broadcasting sites mostly have filtering options. You can filter out the news you want to see and keep getting updates. The most convenient thing about these website or portal updates is they are open 24/7.

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Using an RSS Reader

If you want customized news brought to your device, using RSS (Rich Summary Site) readers (available for download online) can be a handy tool. You can simply get the RSS feeds from news sites online and bring them all to your device at your convenience.

To get this, search for “Your Preferred News Site Name + RSS” on Google or search for RSS on the site directly. This will present show you the RSS links. You can then copy one or multiple of them and get them into your RSS reader. This will enable you to receive only the news you want to, and the rest of the updates will be filtered out.

Google Alerts

Among other very handy and efficient features, Google has an alerts service that can give you regular alerts and notifications on a specified subject.

For example, if you wish to receive stock market alerts, you can have a Google Alert set up that will send you a daily summary of all the important content (photos, videos, articles, etc.) posted on the web about the stock market.

Use a News Ticker

Most news websites provide the facility of downloading or adding a news ticker extension to your browser. If you don’t like surfing and sorting through all the news articles but still want to open up any news article at any given point, news tickers can be very helpful.

These tickers keep displaying the headlines of the day’s news like a moving reel at the bottom of your browser while you are working or surfing the internet. You can open up a headline for more details with just one click.


Listening to podcasts is another wonderful way to know about the latest news. There are dedicated sections for podcasts in apps like Spotify. Simply browse through the channels, pick and subscribe to the ones most appropriate for your news update needs.

Closing Remarks

Whether you’re an investor, a trader, or a businessman looking for market insights, financial data and trends, you need to stay updated on the latest financial news. Follow the best practices and smart tips discussed above to find the most convenient methods to get up-to-date financial news.

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