How To Ace Your Half-Yearly Exam: All You Need To Know

Half-yearly exams are near, and it’s time for you to gear up yourself and study hard. I see that most students do not take half-yearly exams seriously as they take the final examination. That is not acceptable at all. You have to be serious about your half-yearly exams too. Some percentage of your half-yearly exams are added to your final report card. However, you can learn the concept quickly with the online teaching platforms where educators use advanced software like school LMS, digital whiteboard, and audio video aids to make you understand different concepts.

In this article, I will tell you some tips to help you ace your half-yearly examination. Let’s have a look at them one by one-

The 2-hour rule- Have you often noticed that you get easily bored studying for long hours? Most of you must have! Now! Let’s see what happens if you study for long hours. If you study for long hours, you will not be able to concentrate on your studies, start feeling bored, suffer from headaches, get distracted, etc. So! If you want to study at a good pace and score good marks in your half-yearly examination, then you have to follow the 2-hour thumb rule. It means to fix your study timing such that you should not stretch more than 2 hours to any subject. Please do not overload your brain; give some rest to it. Experts also say that your mind needs some rest to retain and store things you have studied. So! Always follow the 2-hour rule. However, you can get enrolled in online learning platforms with the help of admission management software that does strategic planning to make you prepare for the exam.

Write and learn- If you are preparing for your half-yearly examination, you need to know that you must be an excellent learner to score good marks. Writing and learning is one of the best tried and tested methods to score well in the examination. Write that thing at least two or more 2 times whenever you are learning something. When you write things, your brain and sense organs become more active. As a result, you will learn things quickly at a faster rate. Do not stress that writing things is time-consuming and killing your time; look on the positive side. It will help you retain things for extended periods, and you can recall things easily when given a paper.

Don’t just read problems: Never try to mug up solutions when dealing with math, physics, numerical, or any practical subjects. If you find trouble understanding any concepts, try to learn them using different media or with the help of online or offline educators. When you read and solve the problem on your own, you will understand the concept much better. When you know the concepts, steps, and concerns, then, in that case, you will be able to solve any problem or any question at the time of examination. But! If you mug up things, you will not be able to solve other questions if they come in a twisted form, and there are high chances of forgetting the details.

Shift b/w subjects- Doing the same work for long hours causes a lack of concentration and boredom. If you are preparing for your half-year examination, you must be effective and active. The best-tested formulae are that you study by switching the subject. For example- If you are reading IB mathematics analysis, switch to Hindi after 2 hours, switch to science after the next 2 hours, switch to English notes after the next 2 hours, and so on. When you keep on changing subjects, you will be able to concentrate more, free from boredom, and most importantly, there will be no stress. Take a break of 15-20 minutes when switching between the subjects.

Final Words

Half-yearly examinations are essential, so you have to take them seriously. To ace the half-yearly examination, you need to follow the tips mentioned earlier and constant revision. You can also take the help of an online education app. These apps are beneficial as they guide you thoroughly and build your concept.

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