How To Choose The Handles For The Home?

How to choose a door handle for a home door? Here are some tips for interior and exterior doors, windows and furniture.

The handle should be selected not only for its function, but also for the design that should harmonize with the style of the furniture. It is an important piece of furniture in your home, the details of which determine its character and personality. When choosing, it is worth considering various factors such as functionality, material and design.

Often these aspects are underestimated in shooter choices and tend to be purely aesthetic or economic. However, these two criteria do not take into account all the factors that may be the basis of your choice. These factors should also be based on the optimal value for money.

When making your selection, consider the following points:

Frequency of use and who uses it: only adults or children, the elderly or even the disabled?

Materials for cleanliness, wear, durability and how well they blend in with your home furnishings.

Manufacturer, Supplier: Can you guarantee the availability of spare parts?

Assembly: Ready to make a new handle yourself or trust the technician?

I don’t want to complicate your life, on the contrary, I want to help you simplify it, but like everything else, the ones that are safer than regret are good even for choosing a shooter.

Now let’s start to distinguish the identifiers of individual windows step by step.


If you go to the hardware store to get a door handle, they immediately ask you a series of questions. As we are in Decoranddecor, your online hardware store, we will provide you with a range of information based on the fact that you can choose from our catalog or go to a craft shop. Even when selecting and installing a mount, it is helpful for the technician or carpenter to follow you and know certain information. Which door handle would you choose?

If the handle is intended for interior doors, you need to consider ease of use, functionality and design. If you have children or people with disabilities in your home and the kitchen cupboard handles are mounted at this height, you should know that the shape can be dangerous if you hit your face. Even if there is an elderly person in the house, it is important to take into account the natural progressive loss of dexterity and thus the difficulty of grasping a hand that is too thin.

Satin handle

You can choose a square line with an anatomical grip, a rounded line with an L-shaped grip, a straight, geometric line, or a minimally ridged grip. You can find it with or without a nameplate in round or oval shape. It is easy to clean and does not require special care. They can be cleaned with kitchen cleaners and sponges. This can be a dangerous advantage.

Illuminated handle: Made of stainless steel with various colored LED lights inside. It is modern and very youthful due to the original and colorful frame.

Colored handles: stainless steel parts and a square of very custom shape with the handle facing up, as well as a colored handle such as Decoranddecor. This handle is a very decorative handle that can be attached to the door in white, black or the color of the handle. It is perfect for minimalist and modern environments where color elements are used as decorative elements.

Brass handle

First of all, we guarantee that it is treated with brass, which does not require any special cleaning agents so far. They retain their shine over time without scraping off the smelly filler. Brass kitchen cupboard handles are considered suitable for classic, vintage or antique furniture. In fact, both modern and classic furniture have brass handles. Whether they recreate simple and modern handles, or decorated, amber and modern, or in the Liberty style, they largely depend on their shape.

Plate holder: can be found in modern vintage shapes and lines, both in stainless steel and brass. The choice of mangoes and food is really a matter of subjective taste. The choice of an internal mechanism can be binding, so it is worth reading the Online Door Handle Buying Guide.