How to choose the right backsplash for your home

A backsplash is a layer of ceramic tile that is installed behind the countertops in a kitchen or bathroom. The ceramic provides an attractive and durable surface for cooking and cleaning. Backsplashes are also popular in formal dining rooms and kitchens because they add visual interest and can help to keep spills from spreading.

If you’re planning on having a backsplash installed in your kitchen or bathroom, you’ll want to be sure to consult a tile contractor in Westchester County. Installing a backsplash yourself can be difficult, and can end up costing you more money in the long run. In this article, we’ll tell you all about the different types of backsplashes available and which one is best for your home.

When choosing a material for your backsplash, keep in mind the type of kitchen you are working with. If you have a contemporary or modern kitchen, you may want to choose a material that is sleek and modern, like marble or granite. On the other hand, if you have a traditional kitchen with cabinets made from wood, porcelain, or other materials that can stain easily, select a more traditional material like stone or tile.

Another important consideration when installing a backsplash is the height of your countertop. Most backsplashes are installed between 36 and 48 inches off the floor. If your countertop is lower than 36 inches or higher than 48 inches, you will need to install an under mount backsplash. Undermount backsplashes are usually about 1 inch deeper than your countertop and come in different heights to accommodate different countertops. You can also choose a floating backsplash that sits on top of the countertop without having to install an undermount.

What are some types of backsplashes?

Backsplashes come in all shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose: protecting your walls from dirt, dust, and other buildups. Here are a few types of backsplashes you may want to consider for your Westchester home:

  • Glass mosaic backsplash: This type of backsplash is made up of small pieces of glass that are glued to the wall. Because the glass is small, it doesn’t create a lot of noise when you walk on it, which is great if you have a busy home. Plus, the mosaic design looks pretty cool.
  • Stone backsplash: This type of backsplash is popular because it looks elegant and natural. You can choose from a variety of different stones, or go with a cohesive stone pattern. You’ll need to be sure to use a waterproof sealer on the back of the stone before installation, though.
  • Slate backsplash: This type of backsplash is a bit more expensive than the other options, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for a high-quality product. The slate is tough enough to stand up to wear and tear but still looks stylish. You’ll

Options to look at before finding tiles that match your décor and style

Another thing to consider is the color of your walls. If they’re mostly white or light colors, then a light-colored backsplash might be a good choice. If your walls are mainly dark colors, then a darker backsplash might be more appropriate. And lastly, think about how you want the backsplash to look when it’s installed. Do you want it to be hidden or do you want some of it visible? There are lots of options available to you, so it’s important to choose one that will look great in your kitchen!

Tips for installing a backsplash

  1. Plan the layout first. Decide where all the plumbing and electrical outlets will be, and where you want the backsplash to go. Take into account the height of cabinets and countertops, too.
  2. Choose your materials. You have a few options when it comes to choosing a backsplash: porcelain tile, stone tiles, stainless steel, or slate tiles. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks.
  3. Install it correctly. Be sure to use mortar and tile adhesive when installing your backsplash so that it sticks down firmly and looks professional.
  4. Enjoy your new look! Your updated kitchen will look great with a sleek backsplash installed by a professional.

First, think about what type of design you want for your backsplash. A traditional subway tile pattern is a popular choice for almost any kitchen, while a more modern look can be achieved with mosaic tiles. Next, consider the size of your backsplash. Most tiles are available in either small or medium sizes, so make sure to choose the right one for your space. Finally, decide on the type of grout you’d like to use. There are a variety of different types available, from traditional white grout to faux stone or marble grouts. Choose the one that best suits your needs and style!

FAQs about backsplashes

If you’re considering a backsplash installation in Westchester County, there are some important questions you should ask yourself. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • -What’s the best way to prepare the wall?
  • -How do I choose the right type of backsplash for my home?
  • -How do I install a backsplash?



If you’re looking to install a backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom, Westchester County is the perfect place to do it. Backsplash Shop has a wide variety of materials and colors available, so you can find something that perfectly matches your home’s style. We also provide a list of pros and cons of each material, so that you can make an informed decision when choosing which one to use in your home. And if you ever have any questions or problems along the way or need any help with your upcoming project, our team of professionals is always happy to help. Give us a call today!


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