How to Install a Portable Air Conditioner in a Sliding Window

Portable air conditioner installation is easy, but problems can happen if you fail to observe the setup procedure correctly. Reach out to professional electricians from for their high-quality service and quick responses, they follow proper safety protocols at installation that reduce the likelihood of injury or death. Checkout what to consider when hiring someone for installing a portable air conditioner in a sliding window.

Gather All the Required Materials

Before starting, you need to have the AC unit and window kit. You also need materials to secure the ducts and hose like screws or duct tape. 

Depending on the setup of your window, you may need a plain screwdriver or drill and some fasteners. Some models and brands of sliding windows may require additional accessories, but these are the main ones that need to be present.

Identify the Location

When determining the location, consider these factors:

  • Space: The space allocated for the AC needs to be sufficient for its width. There should be extra space to prevent the hose attached to the AC from bending. If the space is too narrow or little air will not circulate well in the whole room.
  • Distance Between the Window and Outlet: The installer should connect the cable or hose to the AC unit. The best place to place it is near the window and outlet. The distance between the window and outlet should be equal or balanced.
  • Window Height: Most portable air conditioners have a height of 3-4ft. Consider also the height of your sliding window, as it should not be high for the hose. If it’s too high, the hose will come loose, or it may fail to reach the window causing damage to the AC unit.

Fix the Grated Cover

Most window kits have three window plates with one hole for the exhaust hose. Fix the grated cover well into the hole. Some portable ACs have grated covers at the end of the exhaust hose. Use a screw to fix the cover in place.

Set up the Window Plates

Slide the plates through your sliding window. The window should be open when doing so. You can install one or several, depending on the setup of your window. The hollow or grooved side of the hole should face outside and not towards you. 

After setting the plates, close the window and confirm that it’s in contact with the board to stay in place. Use duct tape or screw it in place if you notice any gaps for a good fitting.

Join the Connectors and Hose

Attach the connector to the exhaust hose and seal it with a screw. Connect the sealed side to the back end of your AC unit. Snap it on or turn it clockwise until fastened tightly.

Test Your Unit

Testing the unit helps you to identify where to make some adjustments. Plug your unit into the outlet and check for any leaks as they may result in an electrical problem. 

Use duct tape to fix the leaks. Or check the connection of the hose or duct and adjust it if it is loose.

Safety Measures to Follow When Installing a Portable Air Conditioner

Read the Manual

Portable air conditioners come with manuals with instructions to help installers do the setup process well. The manual also shares information to promote the safety of installers.

The Installer Should Have an Assistant

A portable air conditioner can be heavy. A single person can sometimes bear the weight, but it can lead to accidents. Hiring someone to help can reduce the likelihood of any mishaps happening during the setup process.

Don’t Use an Extension Cord

Use a standard electrical line to power your portable air conditioner. An electrical cord increases the risk of a short-out due to the different watt limits. If the wall socket is far from the portable air conditioner, use an additional line.

Pick the Best Air Conditioner Installation Service

Look for an air conditioner installation company committed to completing the job efficiently and on schedule. Prioritize a company that offers installation, repair, maintenance, and after-sales services. They should also offer 24/7 services to be sure you can rely on them

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