How to List on MLS For Sale By Owner Without a Realtor

A realtor is a person you look for when you want to sell a house at a good price. After all, he knows your market, locality, and the value of your house better than you. But to hand-hold you through the sale, he charges a big fat commission—of around 3%. So, in case your house sells for USD 400,000, you’d have to shell out to the agent USD 12,000! Alternatively, you can bypass the realtor and sell your house FSBO online if you know how to list on MLS.

Only licensed agents and brokers could access MLS. So, you can’t list your house on MLS even when you know how to list on MLS instead you can use the services of an online real estate broker. You can get your house listed on the MLS using real estate websites like Houzeo by paying a flat fee as a commission. Such online services charge a significantly low amount as commission as compared to a real estate agent.

How Flat-Fee MLS listing service helps you sell your home

Even if you do not know how to list on MLS, you can fall back on an all-inclusive flat-fee online realtor like Houzeo. The company not only lets you list your home on an MLS but also gives you services like online filing of federal and state disclosure forms and easy listing management. You can know about the high-tech real estate services offered by the company by going through Houzeo reviews. 

If you are new to FSBO and don’t know how to list on MLS, here are some steps involved in the process—you need to list and market your property, price it, fill out federal and state disclosures, find an escrow company or attorney, compare offers and close out the transaction. In this way, knowing how to list on MLS and taking the help of an online service can help you sell without a real estate agent and save big.

Ways in which you can FSBO

Nowadays, more and more home sellers are selling their homes through the FSBO route. When you go this route, you don’t have to pay the real estate agent commission, which is typically 3% for your agent. There is another commission of 3% of the buyer’s agent that goes out of the final sale price if your buyer is working with a real estate agent. The FSBO route coupled with the help from the online MLS service can help you save much of your home sale money.

Keen to know how to list on MLS without a realtor? For that, first, you must know the ways in which you can FSBO. Below are the two major ways in which you can FSBO:

  • The buyer is your acquaintance: Selling a home to a friend or family member is easy and can be done without a real estate agent. In fact, many FSBO homes in the US are sold to close acquaintances. As per a survey by the National Association of Realtors, almost half of the FSBO sellers do not actively market their homes indicating that the buyers and sellers must know each other.
  • You sell your home by yourself: You can take the help of a flat-fee service like Houzeo to sell your home FSBO online. In the process, you have to set a price for your home, market it, and handle the negotiations among other tasks. Moreover, you can get assistance like easy and online documentation and integration with top real estate sites from online brokers like Houzeo while selling your home FSBO. You can check listing service website reviews like Houzeo reviews online to make an informed decision. 

How to List On MLS for sale by owner without a realtor

Taking the help of a full-service agent is one way to get your house listed on MLS and make sure that your listing gets the attention of buyers and buyer agents. Another way is to list your house on MLS by subscribing to a flat-fee home selling service. It’s true that selling a house in the US is not an easy job. You would have to tread through the whole process by yourself when you can hire a realtor who is an expert in selling homes. But your perk is that you can circumvent the hefty full-service agent commission of 3% when you understand and know how to list on MLS FSBO without taking the help of a realtor. 

Using a flat-fee MLS listing service like the offerings by Houzeo, you can get your house listed on the MLS by paying a small fee against the full listing agent commission. Know that flat-fee MLS listing is the best and the fastest option for your house to get the maximum exposure in the real estate market in your locality. 

The brilliant high-tech services from Houzeo are apparent from the many Houzeo reviews you can find online. The right paperwork for your property and your local MLS is instantly assigned to you online so that you get listed faster than ever. Also, paying no commission to the listing agent saves you tens of thousands.

Below is how you can list your home on MLS for sale by owner without a realtor:

  • Scavenge for the best flat-fee MLS online broker in your city: It is important that you subscribe to the services of the best MLS broker in your locality to sell your home right and at a great price. Choosing the right service provider makes all the difference in making the sale of your home easier and faster.
  • Buy an MLS listing package that suits you for a flat fee: Even when there are many free real estate websites to list your home for sale, a flat-fee MLS service would fetch you the most exposure. Another benefit of using an MLS service is that you get to pick from multiple MLS packages that offer varying degrees of benefits. 
  • Add the information about your property: After choosing the right service and its right package, it’s time to add the correct information about your property. Enter the information in as simple words and as direct as possible. Make sure that the information you enter is 100% right so that there are no legal concerns going ahead.
  • Price your home right by getting its appraisal done: Pricing your home as per its value is really important as a house priced too high won’t find sellers easily and you’d lose money if you price your home low. In the absence of a real estate agent, you can take the help of a home appraiser to make a professional assessment of your home and estimate its value. An appraisal can cost you around $250 to $300.
  • Upload professional photographs of your home’s exteriors and interiors: A human mind responds more to photographs than written words. And so when you are selling something as big as a home, you must not compromise on its photos. Get professional photos of your home’s exteriors and interiors clicked by a real estate photography expert to receive the best offers.
  • Sign agency listing agreement: A listing agreement is a contract between you and your broker in which you give the broker permission to list your home on MLS. Signing an agency listing agreement is the last step in getting your home listed on MLS FSBO without a realtor.


Listing your home by yourself and without a realtor means that you may be required to pay for certain associated services like hiring an appraiser, a photographer, etc. However, an MLS FSBO listing executed using a flat-fee service gives your house the MLS exposure while letting you save big on the agent commission.

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