How to Make a Snowflake out of Coat Hangers

You might have seen coat hangers snowflakes on the internet and wondered how one could make such a thing, or perhaps you want to do arts and crafts on a budget. Coat hanger’s snowflake is budget-friendly and very easy as a craft. So read along and make one this holiday!

What Do You Need to Make Snowflake?

The magic of this snowflake is that it does not take many supplies to make, unlike other crafts. You will need:

  • Coat hangers.
  • Zip ties.
  • Scissor.
  • Decorative pieces.

How many hangers you need depends on how many snowflakes you will make. Typically for one snowflake, you need eight hangers at least, but that number can change, depending on the style of snowflake you wish to create. Keep as many zip ties as possible and sixteen hangers at least. You can even use the extra ones at home that you do not use.

Making Snowflakes

Whether it snows where you live or not, these beautiful snowflakes will still look good and unique for the holiday decoration. 

You need to start with two hangers. Place them so that the edges meet each other and the hooks are parallel/ facing the opposite way. The time of using the zip ties has come. Use two of them to bind the hangers at the opposite end of the edges. 

Use the scissors to cut the extra part of the ties. Repeat this until you have four pairs of hangers whose hooks are parallel or opposite each other. You can even use sixteen hangers and create a giant snowflake – it all depends on the kind you want. For smaller snowflakes, use baby hangers.
Now place the pairs in an almost circular moment. The hooks will be touching each other in the middle. You will realize that it already looks like a snowflake! But we are not done yet. This is the fun part. You can now make the shape of your snowflake in any form you desire.

You can put a hanger underneath the shape you have created, making sure the edge/ the bottom line passes the hooks from a pair. Repeat until you are done and secure with more zip ties. Cut off the excess part with scissors.

If you are not a fan of this shape, do not worry. We have more shapes for you. This time instead of putting the hangers underneath the snowflake as we mentioned above, put them over so that its hook falls right over the tied bottom lines/ edges. 

Keep doing it until you get a snowflake with four-pointers (the pointers happen because the hangers are put so that the bottom line is vertical and the hook rests right over the originally tied bottom lines). Retain the shape by adding zip ties and cutting the ends off.

You can make another different shape. That is by binding a pair whose hooks are opposite each other, just like before. Make four pairs like this. What we are going to do now is a bit different. Bring all of these pairs together back, but this time in a way that the hooks touch each other and create a heart shape. 

Tie the form with zip ties and use a pair of scissors to cut the excess. Take another set of four and do the same but do not bind them together using zip ties. Put one pair on the body you have created, making the bottom lines/ edges stay on the middle of the body’s heart shape (done with hooks). Repeat until the snowflake is done, and add zip ties.

Decoration of Snowflake

You can decorate your snowflakes however you want or keep them bare. They will look fabulous and Christmas-y either way. If you’re going to decorate, you can use decorative pieces, like lights, to illuminate your snowflakes or use a hot glue gun and stick Christmas or winter-aesthetic ornaments on them.

 It is your snowflake, and decorate it in any way you wish to. A lot of people use bows or attach tinsels to the snowflakes. You can hang the snowflakes using tinsels or by the walls using double-sided scotch tape or other alternatives you would like.


In conclusion – have fun with your snowflakes this holiday season! Whatever shape you choose to recreate will look great. Snowflakes made from coat hangers are cheap and less time-consuming and change the outdoor-decor game. Be ready for friends and family to compliment your snowflakes and ask you for decor tips.

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