How to Make Money At Any Age

How does making free money, no matter how old you are, or what kind of job you have sound? What about learning how to get free money on CashApp?

If the idea of making free money while building your savings or using your favorite peer-to-peer payment method sounds good to you, then here is everything you need to know!

A New Way To Save, Spend, and Win

Modern technology has done a lot to push society forward. There are all kinds of ways to use modern technology to help you get ahead in life. One area where the right kind of technology can help you is in learning how to build up your savings account while at the same time winning free money. 

Yotta is a company that is passionate about helping people understand how to take control of their money and make wise decisions. They do this by offering a number of different services, with a prize-linked savings account that offers powerful incentives that reward you for how much you save. Not only that, but Yotta has developed a truly innovative way of helping people win by offering incentives through their signature debit card and even CashApp. 

This means that you can build some serious savings and win free money all by saving and spending with Yotta. But how does this happen? 

Not Just a Savings Account

The concept of incentivized spending is nothing new. Massive credit cards that make money off of people’s inability to manage their lines of credit offer incentives like cashback, or travel miles. But how does a saving account or a debit card offer incentive? A debit card is by its nature limited to the amount of money that exists in the account that it’s linked to – so how does incentive come into the picture? 

The money in the account is the answer. Yotta partners with major financial institutions to offer a 4% interest on all money deposited into their prize-linked savings account. A portion of that interest is then taken and circulated into a localized lottery system that puts all Yotta members in a weekly lottery. Every week, everyone who uses Yotta is entered into a lottery where they either have a 1 in 100 or a 1 in 150 chance of winning up to 10 million dollars. 

To date, Yotta customers have won over 8 million dollars total. That is some serious winnings. Since a portion of the interest is all that’s used for the lottery, you will never be at risk of losing your principal because the lottery only pulls from the interest!

How Do You Win? 

This is where it gets exciting and the incentives come. The ticket system is how you are entered into the lottery every week, and the only way to get tickets is to earn them. Earning tickets is easy. For starters, the savings account is the foundation of your tickets and where your chances of winning big come from.

For every 25 dollars that you put in the savings account, you get one ticket that circulates into the weekly lottery. When you think about the fact that every week you could win up to 10 million dollars, that’s a pretty exciting reason to start building up some serious savings. 

Secondly, you can win free money by spending money. When you open a savings account, you can order a Yotta debit card. These cards are protected by Mastercard Zero Liability Protection, which means you don’t have to worry about unauthorized purchases or theft. Not only that, but you can order a card with no impact on your credit score. 

Once you have a card, you get a bonus ticket for every 10 dollars that you spend! With wise saving and spending, you can raise your chances to win big every week. 

How Does CashApp Come In?

CashApp is one of the most popular peer-to-peer methods of payment on the market. Whether you are splitting your monthly rent bill or the dinner tab, CashApp has become one of the most convenient ways of sending and receiving money. Yotta loves that and doesn’t want you to stop using the convenience of CashApp. Instead, you can link your CashApp card to your Yotta account and start raking in the tickets with the money that passes through your CashApp card!

This means that every month when you doll out hundreds of dollars for rent, or every road trip you help out at the pump, you are raising your chances of winning big


Learning how to save money and spend wisely should be something you are rewarded for. With truly innovative incentives that have your welfare at the forefront and no risk of loss, Yotta can be a powerful tool to help you save money, and win big.


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Zaman Lashari
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