How to Write a conclusion paragraph for an essay

One of the criteria for writing a successful paper, whether it is a thesis or term paper, an essay on a given topic, a school essay, or a scientific article, is not only a competent presentation of the thought, but also the correct adherence to the structure – the introduction, the main part, and the conclusion.

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Today’s dynamic and richly vectored time stimulates the introduction of new forms and methods of teaching, primarily aimed at enhancing educational and cognitive activities, increasing interest in the subject, development of creative potential of individuals and productive, critical thinking.

What an essay is for

From the traditional abstract we have taken the following advantages: the definition of the goal, the task of the work, structure, sequencing of the theoretical background and practical arguments, criteria for assessing the work (certain criteria templates) etc. Using them helps to formulate ideas more clearly and competently, It helps to arrange these ideas in a logical order, encourages free terms and understandings, reveals the breadth and breadth of the educational material, teaches how to use examples, quotations, and the necessary arguments for the appropriate topic.

The structure of your good essay

Even though this is a creative work, it has a clear structure, which is the same for all texts. When checking how the student has coped with the assignment, the instructor

continually pays attention to the relevance, hypothesis, thesis and more, arranged in an orderly fashion.

The structure of the work starts with presenting the thesis, and then arguments in the form of logical statements, quotations, or summary of relevant facts.

To write the conclusion is not difficult, following a few simple rules

The conclusion – logical completion of the work, which indicates a summary of all the research, findings, and suggestions for the development of this or that issue. It also refers to the prospects of this line of research and its practical relevance. A well-written summary makes the work complete and valuable.


It is not necessary to immediately proceed to the recounting of the findings obtained during the research. Abstract, as well as any other part of the thesis or course work requires follow a particular structure of the book from the general to the specific. The introductory part includes 2-3 propositions concerning the theoretical part – an introduction to the problem, which is devoted to the study.

Main part

In the main part of the findings should be obtained in the course of practical work. To do this correctly, it is necessary to give answers to the questions posed in the introduction to the work. In practice, this means that each problem in the introduction is followed by a conclusion in the summary. Such an approach will not only help you to properly form the main part of the conclusion, but also ensure the overall integrity of the work.

Concluding part

Thesis, as any other part of the work, necessarily must be a conclusion part. It specifies the suggestions for improving the subject of the study and grounds the practical value of the work. In the conclusion you can write about the areas in which the findings obtained during the study can be used.

H2-Scope of the thesis

Scope of the thesis makes 3-4 pages, for the course – 2-3 pages.

To correctly write the conclusion you need take scientific style of writing. This means the use of strong expressions, for example:

  • In our research we have found out …
  • Based on our research, we can make the following conclusions …
  • Let us note in the conclusion that …
  • We conclude about …
  • Our work allows us to draw a conclusion about …
  • The practical relevance of our research lies in …

Abstract to the article

The summary of the article contains a summary of the topic stated at the beginning, the solution of the problem posed, and the author’s opinion on the problem.

If at the beginning the problem is set, then in the end it is necessary to give a valid decision, sometimes a few, to talk about different thoughts about the problem.

It is important that the summary, which is given in the conclusion to the article, emphasized only a positive result.

Conclusion to the essay, the work

The conclusion to the essay should summarize everything that was said before. The summary logically links the text to the set problem and the theme.

The introduction should not pay attention to minor facts and other details, here displays only the essence of the problem.

The volume of the introductory and concluding part of the essay is 25% of the work.

The clear structure, the consistency- the keys to a successful work, which will be evaluated as good!

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