Huawei P50 Pro specifications with detail

Specification of any product is necessary to know. The Huawei p50 pro is the best-selling smartphone. This smartphone contains lots of features and is now available with lots of modifications. 

Specification of a smartphone includes its modifications, dimensions, measurements, and many more. If you want to know about the Huawei P50 pro follow the link that is given and go through the whole specifications and features of this smartphone.

In this article, we are going to discuss all the important specifications of the Huawei p50 pro. After reading this article you will be able to tell about all the specifications and benefits of this smartphone.

Why are specifications necessary to know?

Would you like to buy a product that is not known? Or do you want to buy a product of which you don’t know the details? Of course, the answer is NO!. So the specification is important to know because any product has some details that are comparable with other products. So it will be easy to decide what type of product you want.

Specifications are specified details of any product through which you can know about the details and modifications of any product. In this article, you are going to know about the details of the Huawei p50 pro.




Its calculated height is 158.8mm.


Its overall weight is almost 72.8mm.


The calculated depth of the Huawei p50 pro is 8.5mm.


The measured weight of the Huawei p50 pro is approximately 195g including its battery.



The overall size of the Huawei p50 pro  is 6.6 inches


This smartphone has a 1.07billion colour range.


The measured resolution is 2700 x 128 pixels.


It had almost a 450 PPI range.



It has Octa-core 1 x cortex x1 2.8 GHz and cortex with 4 x GHz  CPU.


Adreno 660 GPU processor.



It had 8GB RAM with 256 GB ROM for better spacing.

Rear camera

40+50MP true-chroma camera with ultra-wide-angle of 13MP. Also, it contains a 64 MP telephoto camera. 

Autofocus mode

It had an autofocus mode of phase focus and contrast focus.

Zoom mode

The zoom mode contains different phases like digital zoom, Optical zoom, and Hybrid zoom.

Image resolution 

It supports up to 8192 x 6144 PM image resolution.

Video resolution

It supports up to 3840 x 2160 pixels for video and 1080 resolution for ultra slow-motion video range.

Capture mode

It had lots of capture modes including, story creator, audio zoom, high-res, time lapse, ultra-wide-angle lens, dual view video, night macro, panorama, light painting, filter and sticker,  snapshot, audio control, timer, burst shooting.

Front camera

It had a 13 MP selfie camera.


Its front camera supports up to  4160 x 3120 pixels.

Capture mode

Its modes contain slow-motion selfies, the intelligent field of view, smart eye tracking, portrait, time lapse, mirror reflection, and capture smiles.



Maximum 66W supercharge.


Connectivity includes: WLAN, Bluetooth, USB, and Earjack connection


Sum up the article by recommending you to buy this smartphone by reading all of its specifications. You can easily decide that the Huawei p50 pro is the best choice for you because of its huge range of best features and its overall specifications.

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