Importance of English Medium Schools in Bangladesh

English medium schools are present everywhere nowadays in Bangladesh. Parents might wonder if their children should study in Bangladesh Curriculum or English medium schools because both have many supporters and oppositions. English medium schools are scrutiny, but they are pretty important, and this article will cover why.

History of English Medium Schools in Bangladesh

The first English Medium school is Bangladesh St Francis Xavier’s Green Herald International School, founded in 1912. After the independence of Bangladesh, English Medium Schools kept multiplying in great numbers, and parents saw how beneficial they were for their kids. You will also find an Islamic English medium school in Dhaka, which helps children grow up to become good Muslims.

Importance of English in the Modern World

There are many reasons why parents choose the English medium for their children, and one of the biggest reasons is for fluent English.


English is the world’s lingua franca and removes language barriers, enabling us to speak to foreigners and connect to the world. Almost everyone who gets a proper education can speak some English.


Being colloquially good in English is necessary for several reasons. Studying in an English medium school helps the students improve their English the way they would not be able to in the Bangladesh curriculum.


In English Medium, all classes except Bangla are conducte in English, which lets the students communicate in English throughout the classes. This improves a child’s fluency in English, making them sound like a native, and read, write, speak and think in standard English.


Here are some reasons how being fluent in English can affect your children’s life:

Better Job Opportunities

As English is the international language, employers and companies constantly search for employees who can speak perfect English. That is why knowing English is an advantage. It can also get the student job overseas, in an environment they wish.

Helps with Travelling

English is spoken almost everywhere, in every accent. That makes it such a desirable language. While travelling, most people will communicate in English, so knowing basic English is needs. If your English is wrong or less than conversational level, you will have difficulty surviving in places that do not speak Bangla.

Makes Higher Education Easier

If you are going to live abroad for higher education, English is a must. Being good in English is also necessary for students to get into good colleges and universities. English is of high value and affects a student’s studies and grades.

Studying in the English medium makes higher education abroad easier because it already makes you familiar with international curriculums and their ways.

Be Better in Modern and Digital Technologies

English Medium schools are always equips with modern equipment that helps the students become familiar with them. Most digital equipment is in English, and more often than not, they do not offer manuals in Bangla. Knowing English makes it easier to deal with.


Being comfortable and knowledgeable in modern technologies helps students be more contemporary and better in their studies. Knowing your way around modern technologies will also land you in good and profitable careers.


Which School in Bangladesh Offers Best English Medium Education?

According to the Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics, there are 146 English Medium schools attended by 78,000 students.

It is hard to say which is the best English Medium School as people have their own opinions on it.

But we have a list of some of the best English Medium Schools in Bangladesh:

Scholastica School

Scholastica was founded in 1997 and is one of the best English Medium Schools in Bangladesh. They used to follow the Edexcel system but have switched to Cambridge.

Maple Leaf

The school was established in 1972 and is one of the most prestigious English medium schools in Bangladesh. They follow the British curriculum.

Mastermind School

Mastermind has been around since 1997. It follows the British Curriculum too and offers both Edexcel and Cambridge examinations. Students can also participate in many extra-curriculum activities.

International Hope School Bangladesh

It was founded in 1996 and since then has bloomed into eight campuses into three different cities. Two Presidents of Turkey have visited this famous school.


In conclusion, English Medium Schools are excellent for education and come with many benefits and opportunities for the students. It is believes that the English Medium is devoid of Bengali culture and language, which is not entirely true. And hopefully, this article informs you comprehensively about the importance of it.

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